Your collection days

The new rubbish and recycling service operates five days a week (see the calendars below for detailed dates including during public holidays). 

For a leaflet explaining everything you need to know about the service, check it out online here. For answers to common questions, please check out our FAQs page

How does it work?

Collections of rubbish and recycling are based on red and yellow weeks.

The district has been divided into 11 collection zones, each of them allocated a day. 

One week is a red week for the collection of general rubbish and food scraps. Please place the following bins on the kerbside.

Bin Rubbish.jpgBin Food Scraps.jpg

The next week is a yellow week for the collection of mixed recycling, your glass crate and food scraps. Please place the following bins on the kerbside.

Bin Mixed Recycling.jpgBin Glass Crate.jpgBin Food Scraps.jpg

Please note that food scraps will be collected every week. 

Your standard collection days 

If you’re not sure which collection zone you’re in, please go to our Smart Maps system. Enter your address in the search bar in the top left of the page. Click your property on the map and the pop-up box will tell you your collection day and whether we’re on a Yellow Week (recycling and food scraps) or a Red Week (rubbish and food scraps).




Whangamatā South, Mercury Bay South


Whangamatā North, Onemana, Ōpoutere, Whitianga


Coromandel Town and Te Kōuma, Coromandel Rural North, Thames Coast and Manāia, Mercury Bay North


Thames & Surrounds, Thames Rural South, Tairua



Downloadable kerbside calendars

You can download the kerbside calendar for your area below. 

Special summer peak collection dates

The areas below who have high visitor volumes over summer have special summer collections to cater for the increased numbers. Please refer to the calendars attached cover Christmas to mid February. Hard copies of the calendars will also be available from Council offices in the week leading up to the Christmas break.

Further information

If you are unsure which schedule applies to you, contact us and we'll let you know.

We have also printed calendars for your collection zone and they're available at Council offices and libraries. The summer peak printed calendars will be available in the week before the Christmas break.