Outdoor Dining or Display

We love to see our district flourish and wish to encourage ways to display its vibrancy. One way is for our businesses to make use of our footpaths, as not only does this aid in showing the diversity our districts hospitality and retailers have to offer but also enhances the rich and vibrant culture we wish to create.

It is important to maintain the balance between functionality and public accessibility and safety. We aimed to achieve this by the establishment of our Activities in Public Places Bylaw - Te Ture a-Rohe ki nga Wahi Marea, which states any outdoor dining or display of goods requires a licence. 

If you wish to offer outdoor dining or display goods in a public place, such as a footpath, you must have a licence. This licence aims to allow businesses to make use of public footpaths while maintaining a safe and accessible walkway for the public. 

If you do not hold a licence and wish to offer outdoor dining or display goods, you will need to complete an application form. Factors taken into consideration when approving the licence are: 

  • Public safety
  • Location of furniture/goods
  • Hours of licence
  • Type of activity and whether it will create a public nuisance

The application form including terms and conditions is available for download here. There is an application fee of $110.

If you have already engaged council but do not hold a current licence, you will receive either a letter or phone call from us in order to restart the licencing process.  

If you have any questions regarding outdoor dining or outdoor display please check out our frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions or wish to find out more you can send all your queries to customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz with the subject outdoor dining or outdoor display.

Frequent Asked Questions

Do I need a licence to display goods or put out tables and chairs in front of my restaurant? 
Yes you will need a licence if you wish to occupy a public space. 

How much space can I occupy?
You must allow a 1.5 meter clear area from the edge of the proposed area and the roadside kerb and you may not exceed the boundary points of your premises. 

Can I serve alcohol in the proposed outdoor area?
You will need to ensure the proposed area is included in your alcohol licence application. If you have an existing alcohol licence you will need to apply for a variation if you want to allow alcohol to be consumed in the public space. 

How will you know what my approved area is? 
You will supply a detailed sketch of the area including measurements with your application. Once you have applied our compliance team will come and measure the proposed area and place small studs indicating the area. 

How much does it cost to occupy the footpath? 
There is an annual application fee of $100.

How long is the licence valid for? 
The licence is issued for one year.

What if my licence details change? 
Please advise Council of changes to the licensee or business details. Changes to the licenced area will require a new application to be completed.

How do we transfer the licence? 
Licences are not transferable. If there is a new business owner they will be required to apply for a new licence. 

How do I renew my licence?
We will send out a renewal reminder notice one month before the licence is due to expire. 

How do I apply for an outdoor dining and outdoor display licence? 
Download the application form or you can pick up an application from any of our area offices.