Transport, Roads and Road Safety

Our transportation network comprises 704km of roads (504km sealed and 200km unsealed), 199 bridges (including footbridges and fords), 3,093 streetlights, over 8,000 culverts and drainage structures, 302km of footpaths and associated assets such as signs, rails and structures.

A well-maintained roading network enables economic activity and growth by allowing for the efficient transport of goods and services and by promoting visitor access to the Coromandel. Road safety is also improved as part of proactive road maintenance.

While our Council has a legal obligation to maintain roads within the district, the Council determines the service level at which roads are maintained and whether or not a road is maintained if the public benefit is limited.

Our Council’s transport management decisions are shaped by its Roading Activity Management Plan, which is underpinned by the Waikato Regional Land Transport Strategy and the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport.

Our role includes ensuring new roads constructed through land development projects meet the District Plan requirements, including appropriate levels of service standards. Our local road network is maintained through multi-year maintenance contracts and is renewed and improved through annual resurfacing, pavement reconstruction, widening and minor improvement contracts.

Our Council manages the district transportation network and funds the ongoing costs for most transportation activities from both rates and investment (subsidy) from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

NZTA subsidises road activities that meet their investment criteria to 51% from 2020/21. This means that the true cost of the district transportation activity is approximately double that funded by rate revenue.

Our communities want effective transportation networks, and our aim is to provide safe, reliable and accessible roads around the district with consideration for the environment.

To do this our Council is involved in the planning, provision, development, operation and maintenance of a district transport network for various modes of travel and for public access.

State Highways within our district are managed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and are not part of our Council's transport plan.

NOTE - The public has no right to undertake works of any kind within the road reserve including the installation of any temporary or permanent signage without the consent of the District Council as the Road Controlling Authority (RCA). Any unconsented works would be a breach of Section 357 of the Local Government Act 1974, an offence that may be subject to criminal prosecution resulting in fines or jail.

Before planning any works within the road reserve please contact us to discuss them.