Mobile Trading

Mobile trading is the activity of offering goods or services for sale from any stand, stall, structure, awning, table or vehicle that is regularly moved. 

How do I apply for a Mobile Trading licence?

You will need to apply using Council's Mobile Trading application form(PDF, 63KB). This needs to be submitted with the application fee and can be emailed or dropped off to one of our Council offices. A Mobile Trading licence will be issued for a period of one year and can be renewed annually on the anniversary date of the licence.

What if I'm selling food?

Mobile traders selling food and beverages must also have a registered food control plan or national programme under the Food Act 2014.  Visit our Food Licences page to find out more information on these.

What are general conditions for Mobile Trading?

  • A licence is not transferrable to any other person/s. If you purchase a Mobile Trading business you will be required to apply for your own licence to trade.
  • The mobile trading vehicle shall not be parked in such a manner as to cause a traffic hazard or reduce visibility.
  • Trading is restricted to 50km per hour areas.
  • Trading must not be carried out in a way that is likely to cause a safety risk, nuisance, damage, obstruction, disturbance, or interference.
  • Trading is prohibited within 150 metres of any business premise selling like goods.
  • Trading is permitted during daylight hours only and for a maximum period of 30 minutes at any one place.
  • Trading is prohibited on any reserve vested in the control of the Council, any designated parking area or space, and any other area covered by a commercial operator's licence unless a concession approval has been gained.

Council will monitor activities in public places regularly to ensure compliance of licence conditions.