Kaimarama Cemetery

Kaimarama Cemetery - Ashes Area.jpg

With space limited at Mercury Bay Cemetery, Ferry Landing, a new cemetery has opened at Kaimarama. The first ashes interment has taken place at Kaimarama with several others planned in the next couple of months.

Ashes plots are now available provided the interment of ashes is arranged at the time of the plot purchase. Pre-selling or reserving plots for future use is not an option currently. This is to ensure plots are available when needed for interments.

The ashes plots cater for four different memorial options: (picture L-R below) plaque, wedge or recumbent desk and small upright headstone.


There are no inbuilt vase holders on the berms, but if desired these can be included on the memorial design.

A limited number of plots for casket burial have also been installed, again these will be available at the time of burial.

Address: 2 Kiteroa Place, Kaimarama