Council Vision, Mission and Outcomes

Our Council exists to ensure our communities have a good quality of life, both now and in the future. That means that we, as a local authority, not only have to identify what our Council needs, we also must demonstrate how we’ll fulfill those needs.

Our Vision | Moemoeā-a-Kaunihera

Council will provide reliable services to support a vibrant, connected and sustainable district through strong governance.

Our Outcomes | Ngā hua o Te Kaunihera

  • A vibrant district | He takiwā hihiri
  • A sustainable district | He takiwā toitū
  • A connected district | He takiwā tuia

What do these Council outcomes mean?

A vibrant district | He takiwā hihiri

  • The Coromandel Peninsula is a desirable place to live, work and play.
  • Our district has thriving, resilient communities.
  • We support and encourage culturally diverse and inclusive communities.

A sustainable district | He takiwā toitū

  • The Coromandel Peninsula’s natural and built environments are managed sustainably and provide a unique sense of place.
  • We recognise and celebrate the vital role our natural environment plays in supporting well-being in the District.

A connected district | He takiwā tuia

  • Our communities are supported through accessible infrastructure and services.
  • We use our influence and networks to advocate for our communities.
  • We recognise our relationships and partnerships with the District’s iwi and will work towards ensuring they are enduring, effective and valued.

Our Values | Ngā mātāpono-a-Kaunihera

  • Financially responsible with ratepayers’ money
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability in our actions
  • Creating strong partnerships with our District’s iwi
  • Working with and having meaningful relationships with both our resident and non-resident communities
  • Being an effective, innovative and responsive organisation

Put simply, our organisation is about building a community of trust by ‘Being the Best We Can.’ At the core of the way we work is Being the Best we Can. You will hear our Chief Executive often talk about this. She is passionate about not only what we deliver, but how we deliver.

The Way We Work Poster - A3.jpg

We do this by empowering people to look at the way we do things by:

  • Doing the right thing – if it feels right then it probably is
  • Creating the right environment – setting the platform that enables everyone to be their best
  • Improving ourselves – everyone making a commitment to ‘Be the Best We Can’
  • Developing a values-based culture

What this means in terms of our organisational development is a focus on:

  • Customers and Service – our customer focus philosophy assists us to do the right thing
  • Systems and Planning – our systems and processes create the right environment
  • People and Culture – commitment to and support of personal goals and development – we improve ourselves

And overarching everything is trust, which is integral to the way we interact within our organisation, and with our community and partners, the reason we are here.

Therefore, our values are very simple:

Integrity – we are consistent trustworthy and honest in our dealings with self and others.
Teamwork – we work together, supporting each other to stay focused and on track.
Innovation – we initiate positive change and develop more effective ways of working.
Respect – we value others for their contribution.

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