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NOTE: For the latest info on the post-Cyclone Gabrielle situation, please visit this webpage.

TCDC Emergency Alerts

Our Council is testing a platform that can be used to send SMS text messages, emails or landline phone calls.

The platform is called Whispir. It's the same platform used by the National Emergency Mobile Alerts on mobile phone devices. When our Council triggered one on 12 February 2023 ahead of Cyclone Gabrielle, it reached 96 per cent of Spark and 100 per cent of Vodafone mobile phone users in the target area – our district.

Our Council will roll out emergency alerts for the Coromandel using Whispir when we are 100 per cent satisfied it is ready and will perform as the community wants. We are satisfied Whispir is fully functional except we need to be sure it can reach all landline phones of subscribers without issue. As of April 2023 we are in the final stages of testing this functionality. Our work on this has been delayed since late last year by successive extreme weather events when staff have been diverted to work on emergency response and recovery.

In the meantime there are these existing alerting tools:

Emergency Alerting tools

NEMA Emergency Mobile Alert

Red Cross Hazards app

Social Media

Our Council Facebook

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Waikato Civil Defence Facebook

New Zealand Civil Defence Facebook


Listen to your local radio station for important emergency announcements.