Application To Hire a Park or Open Space on the Coromandel


Use our GIS mapping system to have a look at one of our parks or reserves and then simply fill in the event application form and bring it into one of our Service Centres, or email it to us.

Download the event application form here.(PDF, 182KB)

Processing time-frames

A completed concession application form and the appropriate fee must be received at least 75 days before the event or activity. Please make sure your application form is completed correctly and the fee is paid on time so your application is not delayed.


You may be required to pay a bond to cover the potential cost of repairing any damage and undertaking any clean up work (if the area was not left the way it was found). The bond amount will depend on the area you are using and the scale of activities you are undertaking.

If a bond is required, our staff will contact you once your application has been reviewed and will advise you of the bond required.

The bond is refundable if the requirements of the permit/licence are met.


Application Fees are payable at the time of application. Event Fees will be invoiced and permit issued on payment of invoice.

Commercial operators will be charged recommended market rates for the use of reserves or public places for commercial activities.

A business promotion is regarded as a commercial activity and additional charges may apply.

Fees will cover:

  • Processing the application,
  • Staff inputs including inspection of the operation,
  • Enforcement of council policy, bylaws or other statues,
  • Any other service costs incurred by council due to the activity.
Definition of activities

Download this table(PDF, 164KB) which outlines activity criteria, which you may find useful when you fill in the application form.

If you are unsure as to what category your activity is in, please contact our Customer Services Team on 07-868-0200.


As part of an application to use a reserve or other public place the following may be required:

Health and Safety Plan

If you are organising any event at a public place then you must prepare a plan to manage any risk to the health and safety of the people working at the event, and members of the public attending the event.

If you intend commercial filming and members of the public will be spectators during filming then a Health and Safety Plan is required.

Find out more about filming on the Coromandel here

Event Plan

An event plan is required if more than 500 people are attending an activity. This is essentially an overview of your event and how you will manage it.

Site Plan

You need a site plan for every type of event on a reserve. This is essentially an aerial overview drawing noting where all your requirements will be located. .

Area of reserve to be used/entry and exit points/access for emergency vehicles/location and number of structures incl marquees, bbqs, signage, stages, tables, generators, sound systems, stalls. Any area where vehicles or animals are to be permitted/location of any fireworks or stunts.

Traffic Management Plan

If your event is on, or adjacent to, a road and it may affect traffic (vehicles or pedestrians) or if it requires a partial or full closure of a road there are procedures that must be followed. A Traffic Management Plan is required when the normal traffic flow will be interrupted or there will be an impact on road users. See our information on road closures or disruptions to traffic section for more information.

For some events, please keep in mind you might have to apply for things like resource and/or building consents (for marquees etc) and a liquor license.