Events Licensing

If you're planning an event you may need a licence, permit, consent or other form of approval. Approvals are needed where there might be a risk to public health or safety. It's a good idea to think about this early on in your planning, and please ask us if you're unsure.  

The following forms are to help you achieve a safe and stress-free event. We can talk through what you might need and answer any queries. 

For Event Organisers


If you plan to invite food sellers to your event, then they must hold an appropriate food registration certificate.

Fundraisers or charitable organisations wanting to sell food via a food stall or similar may qualify for an exemption from needing to register.

Contact an Environmental Health Officer to discuss your plans.

For information regarding stalls see Guidelines for food stalls

Alcohol (Special) Licence Application

If the planned activity involves selling and consuming alcohol, an alcohol licence may be required. On a reserve, a licence can only be issued once the concession permit or licence is issued. A special licence usually takes a minimum of a month to process and a fee applies. See our Liquor licence section for more information.

Marquees and platforms Building Consent

A building consent is required for any marquee, sun shelter or gazebo more than 100 sq/m in size or a platform (such as a stage) more than 1.5m high. You will need to complete an online application to obtain a building consent.

Noise Control

If there will be loud noise, then noise rules may apply. If the expected volume exceeds the maximum limit then an application for a resource consent will be required. Talk to us and we can explain the relevant section (Section 4) of the District Plan regarding noise.


Signage is generally restricted to the event site only. Please contact us for more information.

For Amusement Ride Operators

If you want to operate an amusement device in our district then you will need to fill out an amusement device application.   Our Council has now joined the Waikato Building Consenting Group, which provides consistent administration of building consents across the eight member councils. More information on the Waikato Building Consenting Group is available from their website.  Many of the TCDC related forms have been replaced and are now available from the Waikato Building Consent Group website.

Running a fundraising stall

If you want to set up a fundraising stall in our district, please contact one of our Service Centres.