Water Supply

Sunday 29 January

Coromandel water notice: Coromandel residents please conserve water for approximately the next 48 hours. The very heavy rain we have had over the past few days, and set to continue, has meant that the stream we draw water from is carrying a heavy sediment load. This means the water treatment plant has to process at a much slower rate due to the additional sediment in the water, or even be shut off at times. As a result, our treated water storage is lower than normal, which looks set to be the case until the water source becomes cleaner. If residents could please be mindful of their water use at this time, it would be much appreciated. 

Whangamatā wastewater: Whangamatā residents please do not swim or take shellfish from the Whangamatā Estuary until further notice. The very heavy rain has caused an overflow of partially treated wastewater from the Whangamatā wastewater plant to enter the Whangamatā Estuary overnight. Whilst the overflow has ceased, it is unsafe for the public to swim or take shellfish at this time and we are putting up notices to that effect at key locations.