Rural Water Supply Health Information

Water supplies to Matatoki, Puriri, Omahu, Wharepoa, and Hikutaia areas are classed as “rural” supplies only and are not treated. These supplies do not meet the Drinking Water Standards of New Zealand.

Our rural water schemes and your health

All users of water supplied by our Council in the Matatoki, Puriri, Omahu, Wharepoa, and Hikutaia.

These organisms exist in the wider environment and may be carried by many animals, such as birds, rodents, dogs, sheep and cattle and can cause illness in humans if ingested.

In addition to the risk of the water containing these parasitic organisms, the water is also likely to contain pathogenic bacteria, which can also cause illness.

These water supplies have a permanent “Boil Your Water” notice on them, and have had for a number of years.

Minimise the risks

The risks from these organisms can be minimised (and in most instances completely removed) by the installation of filters used together with an ultra-violet sterilising unit, to destroy any parasites or pathogenic bacteria present in the water

If you do not have this type of treatment operating at your property, then you should boil the water. The water needs to be at a rolling boil for at least two minutes and unless it is being used for a hot drink, it should be allowed to cool before drinking. This will effectively destroy both parasites and bacteria. 

Use boiled water that has been covered and allowed to cool for cleaning teeth or washing salads and other foods that aren’t cooked thoroughly.


TCDC sends frequent reminders to all consumers on these supplies that the water is not potable, and is not intended to be consumed in its untreated state.

There reminders will be notified regularly through the newspaper and social media.

If you have any queries regarding these supplies, or would like clarification on any point, then please do not hesitate to contact us.