The water supply of Thames is the only one in the District to which fluoride is added. The voters within the Thames water supply area of service voted to continue with fluoridation of the town water supply in the 5 November 2015, referendum.

The final vote count was 2,151 (73%) in favour of continuing fluoridation and 795 (27%) in favour of stopping fluoridation.

Of the 5,218 registered eligible voters, 56.5%, or 2,947 people, cast a vote. One blank vote was returned, and no informal votes were received. The result was binding on our Council.

At its meeting on 9 December 2015, our Council resolved to continue fluoridation of the Thames water supply.

Our Council decided in late 2014 that a binding referendum of the electors within the Thames water supply area of service, should be held before the end of 2015 to determine if fluoridation of the Thames water supply should continue. At its meeting on 5 August 2015, our Council decided that the fluoride referendum day would be 5 November 2015.

Did the Council run the referendum?

No. The referendum was run independently by Election Services, who also run the Council elections.

What is a binding referendum?

A binding referendum is one where the decision needs to be acted upon and implemented.

Does it need a big majority?

No, our Council has decided that a simple majority is sufficient.

Does binding mean forever?

No. The current Council cannot commit future Councils to decisions indefinitely.

What is the Thames water supply area of service?

This includes all properties within the Thames water supply area of service. The Thames water supply covers properties from Tararu in the north, down to Kopu. Te Ana Lane in the Kauaeranga Valley is the eastern extent of the network. To find out if you are in the area of service, you can:

• Call us on 07 868 0200, or
• Come and see us at our Thames Office at 515 Mackay Street, Thames.


Is fluoride used in any water supply on the Coromandel?

Only in the Thames town supply.

How long has fluoride been in the Thames water supply?

Our records indicate that when Thames' new water treatment plant was first operational in 1971, fluoride was added to the water supply then.