Community Plans

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The plans help us to understand what is important to the community and help our Community Boards and Council to make informed decisions on prioritising and funding services and activities through the Long Term Plan process. Our Long Term Plan and Annual Plan process is where budgets, details and final decisions are made, whereas these plans capture the shared vision and aspirations of the communities and highlight the key issues and projects they wish to address over a 10 year timeframe.

The following community plans were adopted in 2020:

How do the community plans relate to other strategic planning documents?

The community plans will be considered by Council throughout its planning cycle so that it prioritises and actions things that are most important to our communities.


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Are the community plans only about what Council can do?

The plans are about what a community can do itself (and advocate for), what Council can do in partnership with the community and other organisations, and what Council can do on our communities’ behalf.