Refuse and Recycling Information for Visitors

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Visitors often wonder what to do with their blue bags when they leave for home.

If you vacate a property on a day that is not a collection day you must drop your blue bag directly at the Refuse Transfer Station (RTS) or Drop Off facility before you depart our district.

Our transfer stations are open late on Sundays and public holidays, so you have plenty of time to drop in on the way out of town.

Bags left out overnight create a big mess that local residents end up having to clean up. The litter also ends up in our waterways and beaches. Keep our communities neat and tidy and dispose of your refuse at the RTS or Drop Off facility.

If you are renting a holiday home, many rental companies will collect your rubbish upon request for a fee.

What to do with recycling before you leave our district:

There will be no additional recycling collections for properties that fall on an off week following a long weekend.

The wheelie bins are big enough to hold more than a fortnight's recycling.

Back in the days when there was no recycling collection, everyone wanted to be sure that their rubbish was collected, otherwise they were stuck with a smelly bag of rubbish. Not anymore. If you recycle correctly by rinsing out containers, there will be no issues with odour or storage.

A recycle bin doesn't have to go out with every collection - you can put the bin out only when it's needed.  A collection can be skipped if you know you are leaving your holiday home between collection weeks.

Blue bags are still collected every week. Rubbish bags on trees, poles or in cages will no longer be collected. Only bags placed on the ground at the Kerbside will be collected.