Crate for Glass | Karaehe

Our rubbish and recycling services include a crate for glass | karaehe.

Bin Glass Crate.jpg  

What can go into this crate?

Please rinse bottles and jars clean. Take off the lids and either reuse them or put them in your rubbish.

✓Glass bottles

✓Glass jars 

What can't go into this bin?

✖ Lids (put these in your general rubbish instead)

✖ Broken glass

✖ Light bulbs or fluorescent tubes

✖ Drinking glasses or cookware

✖ Windows or mirrors

✖ Medicine or vape ware

✖ Perfume bottles

When is the crate for glass | karaehe collected?

The crate for glass | karaehe is collected fortnightly. Please note: a maximumof two glass crates from each household can be collected each fortnight. 

Check out your collection schedule here

How is it paid for?

Your glass collection is paid for through a solid waste targeted rate. This makes it easier for all households to participate in waste reduction, resulting in less household waste going to landfill.