Mixed Recycling Bin | Hangarua

Our rubbish and recycling services include a mixed recycling bin | hangarua.

Bin Mixed Recycling.jpg

What can go into this bin?

✓ Flattened paper and cardboard

✓ Plastic bottles and containers numbered 1, 2 & 5

  • Number 1 plastics: soft drink, juice, and water bottles
  • Number 2 plastics: milk bottles, bathroom product bottles and laundry product bottles
  • Number 5 plastics: large yoghurt and ice cream tubs, margarine/butter tubs

✓ Tins and cans

What can't go into this bin?

Any of the following items will contaminate our composting process:

✖ Lids

✖ Glass

✖ Plastics 3,4,6 and 7

✖ Vaping gear

✖ Polystyrene

✖ Soft plastics

✖ Takeaway coffee cups

✖ Milk & juice cartons

✖ Compostable items

✖ Nappies & sanitary items

✖ Batteries & e-waste

✖ Aerosol cans

✖ Medical waste

When is the mixed recycling bin | hangarua collected?

The mixed recycling bin | hangarua is collected fortnightly. 

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How is it paid for?

Your mixed recycling collection is paid for through a solid waste targeted rate. This makes it easier for all households to participate in waste reduction, resulting in less household waste going to landfill.