Wheelie bin lid latch

If you’re worried about your bin toppling over on a windy day and your rubbish and recycling bin contents spilling, you can buy a lid latch for $8 (incl. GST) from any one of our four Council offices, starting from Monday 13 November 2023.

The latch helps your wheelie bin lid stay closed until the truck empties it. One end of the latch is secured through the handle of the bin, and the other end of the latch hooks under the lip of the bin. That ‘hook’ end will auto-release upon emptying.

After your bin is emptied, your latch stays on the handle of your emptied bin.

opened out latch.png

It can be used on both the red-lidded rubbish bin and the yellow-lidded mixed recycling bin.

Here’s how the latch works

  • Moisten the latch. (This makes it easier to slide the latch through the ‘buckle’ - the square hole at the end of the latch.)
  • Place the latch on the bin through the bin lid handle, as pictured below, with the ‘buckle’ facing upward and the curved end with the ‘hook’ or ‘prong’ facing downwards. 

Square Latch through yellow bin handle not threaded.png

  • Take the curved lower end of the latch and thread it through the ‘buckle’ (the opening) at the top end of the latch that’s on the bin lid. 
  • Secure the other end of the latch, using the ‘prong’, so it hooks under the ‘lip’ of the bin (this is the part that auto-releases when the bin is lifted and emptied).

Square latch fully on yellow lidded bin.png