Our upgraded service: a summary

Our rubbish and recycling services have been upgraded, with a new weekly food scraps collection and brand new general rubbish wheelie bin to replace blue bags.

There are four bins/crates as part of this service. You can find out more about each of these bins by clicking on the bin you want to know more about in the image below.


Why the new service?

thumbnail.jpg Food scraps bin

The new food scraps service means less waste going to landfill. When food scraps break down in landfill they give off greenhouse gases like methane, which are harmful for the environment. Getting food scraps out of landfill and collected to make compost is a much better use of the resource and gets the goodness back into the soil, where it belongs.

ab3409ac-fe5e-4d65-90ef-67306c1a7f99.jpg General rubbish wheelie bin

We have replaced single-use blue plastic bags for rubbish collection with a 140-litre wheelie bin collected fortnightly. The new 140-litre rubbish bin holds the equivalent of two-and-a-third blue pre-paid bags. Blue bags are no longer being collected kerbside. Instead, you can take them to your local Refuse and Recycling Transfer Station for free drop-off until your stocks run out.

How is it paid for?

All of your recycling and food scraps collection will be paid for through a solid waste targeted rate. This makes it easier for all households to participate in waste reduction, resulting in less household waste going to landfill.

Rubbish collection payment will be via a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) system. You will need to buy a PAYT tag for $8 from a participating retailer and attach that tag to the rubbish bin lid before collection. This PAYT system for rubbish bins means that each household is only paying for the rubbish they generate 

My bin days

From early February to Christmas, for all areas, weeks have been divided into:

  • Week 1: Red week for collection of your rubbish and food scraps
  • Week 2: Yellow week for collection of your mixed recycling, glass and food scraps.

Thames Coast & Manaia, Thames Rural South and Thames & Surrounds continue all year around with red and yellow week collections.

From Christmas to early February areas with high visitor volumes over summer (the entire east coast, as well as Coromandel Town & Te Kōuma and Coromandel Rural North) have special summer collections to cater for the increased numbers. 

Find out your collection days here.

Putting my bins out

We've got a handy how-to guide about the proper way to put your bins out here.

Refuse and Recycling Transfer Stations (RTS)

As part of our new rubbish and recycling service, we've standardised our transfer station hours. You can find out more here

Want to know more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

View a copy of our information leaflet summarising rubbish and recycling.