Abandoned vehicles

What should I do if I see a vehicle I think has been abandoned on Council property?

Please phone Thames-Coromandel District Council on (07) 868 0200 or email customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz with the following information:

  • What makes you think the vehicle has been abandoned e.g. grass growing high around it
  • Detailed location of vehicle
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Year, Make, Model and colour of vehicle
  • Approximately how long you think the vehicle has been abandoned.

What happens after a vehicle has been reported abandoned?

The registered owner is identified and an inspector attempts to contact local residents to gain more information and resolve the situation quickly.  If this is unsuccessful the vehicle is determined as likely to have been abandoned and the following procedure commences:

  1. A letter is sent to the registered owner giving them 10 days to remove the vehicle
  2. If the vehicle hasn’t been removed (this can take a few days to confirm) the police are notified of the intention to remove and a tow truck is sent to remove the vehicle
  3. The vehicle is stored for a minimum of 28 days.  After this period if the vehicle is not claimed it may be sold or scrapped to recover costs

NB/ If a vehicle is deemed to be parked in a position dangerous to other road users or is being vandalised a decision may be made to tow the vehicle prior to notifying the registered owner

What do I do if I own a vehicle that has been abandoned/towed?

Make contact as directed on the Notice to Remove Abandoned Vehicle or contact us by phone (07) 868 0200, or email us at customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz.  Recovery of towing and storage costs must be paid prior to the vehicle being released.