(Video above: Mayor Sandra Goudie talks to Detective Senior Sergeant Andrew Saunders (right) and Superintendent Bruce Bird (Waikato Police Commander) about ram raids. Apologies to Superintendent Bird on the left of the recording, who was cut off in the recording of the video.)

Our Council recognises that there are issues with the security of retail premises across the district when dealing with ram raids. While the security of business premises is the responsibility of the individual shop owners, our Council is committed to supporting businesses across the district and will work with business owners wherever possible to increase security.

In the first instance, our Council would expect that business owners speak with the Police, their landlords or the property owner (if applicable) and their individual insurance companies to determine the level of risk to their business and what measures can be taken within the property to protect the business. These measures could include removable reinforced barriers at the entrance or internal grills to prevent access. Your insurance company and the Police would be able to advise you on what measures are best for your premises.

If there are no practical measures that can be taken within the property, our Council would be happy to discuss options for the provision of bollards or other measures in front of the property to restrict vehicle access.

Bollards or other measures can be requested by contacting the Council’s Roading Team, providing the following details:

  • Businesses name, address and contact details.
  • Property owner’s name and contact details.
  • Assessment from the applicant’s insurance company of the risk and other measures that can be taken to prevent illegal access.
  • Details of the bollards or other security measures requested if these have been considered.
  • Details of any temporary measures requested until such time as a permanent installation can be installed.

Each application will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. On receipt of the required information, our staff will contact the applicant to discuss the issues. Please note:

  1. Our Council accepts no liability and gives no assurance that the provision of bollards or any other form of protection will prevent further criminal damage or loss.
  2. Bollards or any other form of protection will not be considered if it reduces the footpath width below 1.20m or obstructs access to any adjacent premises.
  3. If multiple businesses along the street apply for bollards, our staff will review each application to determine the best approach for the community as a whole.
  4. Our Council reserves the right to specify the type of bollard or protective device to be installed to match existing street scape designs.

If the request is successful, unless agreed separately, our Council will undertake the work and recharge all costs to the applicant.

State Highways – if your business is on SH25, SH25A or SH26 please contact Waka Kotahi NZTA for approval in the first instance.