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  • Our Council is responsible for maintaining streetlights only.
  • Where a fault is with the streetlight's power supply (which must be confirmed by our contractor), then we report these faults to our electricity retailer.
  • Our electricity retailer then passes on the fault details to Powerco. Powerco deals with the power lines, poles, transformers, cables and pipes that connect homes and businesses with the electricity and gas they need.

It is important that if a streetlight near you is not working that you contact us by calling 07 868 0200 as soon as possible. This will assist our contractor to identify and repair the fault as soon as possible or, if it is confirmed as a circuit fault, we will contact our electricity retailer to report it. Please give a good description of the location of the light(s), such as a street address, and a description of the problem.

If the streetlight is on a State Highway, please contact the New Zealand Transport Agency.