Enquiries and Duty Planner

Use our free short service if you need help with the following types of queries:

  • Confirmation of the zoning of a property
  • Interpretation assistance of District Plan provisions (rules, objectives and policies)
  • Providing an outline of the resource consent process

Enquiries start with our capable customer services team who can answer most questions. If you need further assistance such as with technical interpretation, you'll be referred to our planner on duty for the day (our 'Duty Planner'). 

This service works well by email or over the phone, and can be in person if you prefer. Please contact us and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

Some things to know about this service -

The Duty Planner cannot provide advice as to the likelihood of obtaining a resource consent for a project, nor detailed information as to what consents are required for a proposal. 

The information provided by the Duty Planner is for the purpose of providing general information and is provided for the convenience of the public only. TCDC accepts no liability for use or misuse of that information.

The information provided by the Duty Planner is based upon the details provided at the time only. Users are advised to undertake their own detailed due diligence and seek independent professional advice before applying any information for their own particular circumstances. TCDC shall not be held liable for any claim for any loss or damage as a result of reliance on the limited information provided by the Duty Planner.