Boundary Activities 

Boundary activities relate to breaches of internal boundary setbacks and recession plane rules (height in relation to boundary).

Public boundaries (e.g. with a road or a reserve) are exempt from Boundary Activities.  You can only apply for a Boundary Activity if your project does not require resource consent under any other District Plan rules or National Environmental Standards.

Where the landowners of the adjoining property/properties which relate to the infringed boundary have provided their written approval, no further assessment is required and Council must issue a written notice confirming the boundary activity as deemed permitted.

To apply for this, you will need to:

Temporary or Marginal Activities

You cannot apply for a Temporary or Marginal Activity. However, for these activities, Council has discretion to determine whether a proposal is one of these activities and will consider doing so where the set requirements are clearly met. This is where a PIM check can assist.

Council may consider using this type of approval where your project is otherwise a permitted activity, but has a temporary or marginal breach to a standard or rule in the District Plan. The effects must be the same scale, character or intensity as a permitted activity and any adverse effects on persons (eg. your neighbours) must be less than minor.

Where we are satisfied that a Deemed Permitted Temporary or Marginal notice is appropriate, and can be issued, we will let you know.