Pre-Application Meeting

You can meet with us to discuss your project before you apply. 

Why have a pre-application meeting?

A pre-application meeting can be especially helpful for large or complex projects. Discussing your proposal early (before you apply) can help you decide whether or not to go ahead with your proposal or make any changes and can inform your application.

To help decide if a pre-application meeting could help you, please first contact us as we may be able to answer your questions quickly and easily via our free enquiry service instead.

Please note - formal decisions cannot be made during or on the basis of the pre-application meeting, and any representations made by the Council are not legally binding.


How to book a meeting

After you have spoken with us to determine if a meeting is right for you, we will send you a pre-application meeting form to complete. Once we have this back and initial payment, we'll be in touch to arrange a suitable meeting date, time and format (in person or online) and about any relevant specialist(s) to include.


To make the most of the meeting - information to provide

To make the most of the process and help ensure we get the right people attending, please provide us with relevant details including any plans and reports you have prepared (even if draft/indicative). If you include the information with your application (or at least three days before the meeting) then we can come prepared to the meeting, and you get better value.

Types of information to send us:

  • Details on your project, proposal overview and concept plans.
  • Who will be attending the meeting with you. 
  • Any particular topics or matter you'd like to discuss.
  • Any specific questions.

Please note, at the meeting we cannot confirm if your resource consent application:

  • Will be approved or what consent conditions may be appropriate.
  • Needs to be notified.
  • Has any affected parties.

We will advise on those points after we’ve received and assessed your application.


What happens afterwards

We will circulate minutes of the meeting to attendees.

If you do have a pre-application meeting and then apply for resource consent, please quote your pre-application reference number in your application form.

Please note - if you give more information or make changes to your proposal after the meeting, it may impact upon on our Council view of your proposal and any application.