Change of Circumstances

Have circumstances changed for a dog registered with us? Please contact us to update this information as soon as possible, to ensure our Dog Register can be updated.

Changes in circumstance that we need to know about include:

  • Change of ownership
  • Change of address inside or outside of our district
  • If your dog has passed away
  • If you require a replacement registration tag

Please note: If the dog is going to live in another district, the Council must be notified within 6 weeks. Change of ownership of any dogs must be notified to the Council within 14 days.

Please use one of the easy methods below to complete a change of circumstances form so we can keep your details up to date. 

Do it online

Do it over e-mail

Logging a change of circumstance over e-mail is easy.

Simply download the Dog Maintenance Form below, complete the details and email it to

Download the Dog Maintenance Form(PDF, 88KB)


Do it in person

If you have access to a printer, we suggest you download the Dog Maintenance Form below, complete the details, and then visit us at any of our Council offices.

Download the Dog Maintenance Form(PDF, 88KB)

If you can not print this form, simply visit our offices and we will provide you with this form.