Register Your Dog

The Dog Control Act requires all dogs over the age of three months to be registered each year.

If your dog lives in the district and is 3 months old or more, then you must register your dog with us. Please use the Dog Registration Form below to:

  • Register your dog(s) for the first time or;
  • Register a dog that was previously registered in another district.   

Ways to register

You can complete an online registration form for up to three dogs at a time. If you would like to register four or more dogs, we recommend using the "do it over e-mail" or "do it in person" methods.

Please note: After you complete the online form a member of the Customer Services team will be in touch to let you know what payment is required. Please do not make a payment until you have received this email.

Do it over e-mail

Registering your dog or dogs over e-mail is easy.

Simply download the Dog Registration Form below, complete the details and email it to

Download the Dog Registration Form(PDF, 112KB)


Do it in person

If you have access to a printer, simply download the Dog Registration Form, fill it out, and bring it into your local Council Service Centre.

Download the Dog Registration Form(PDF, 112KB)

If you can't print this form yourself, simply visit a Council Service Centre and we can provide one for you.

When you come, bring your photo identification (like a drivers license or a passport) as well.

If your dog has previously been registered in our district, use our renewel form here instead. 

You should ensure your dog wears its registration tag at all times. 

It’s also a good idea to have your name and phone number on a dog tag so you can be easily contacted if your dog gets lost.

All newly registered dogs also need to be microchipped. For more information see our Microchipping your dog section.

Once the registration fee is received, your dog will be issued with a tag which must be worn by the dog at all times.  The registration tag belongs to the dog, not the owner.  If you sell or give away your dog, the tag must go with it as proof of registration. 

Payment for online registrations can be made via internet banking, click here for instructions. Registration tags will be posted out to you once we have received the submitted form and proof of payment.

Cost of registration

We have a flat fee structure which means we don’t charge different rates for urban and rural or sexed or desexed dogs, the only exceptions being guide dogs and dogs classified as dangerous.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST. 

Dogs Units 2022/2023
All dogs except guide dogs and dangerous dogs Per dog $85.00
Working farm dogs in excess of three registered to the same owner. (For the first three working dogs, standard dog fees apply, for the fourth and additional dogs, there is no charge. A completed and verified statutory declaration must be on file for each dog) Per dog No charge
Dangerous dogs Per dog $127.50
Guide dogs Per dog No charge
Penalty fees shall be charged at an additional 50% of annual dog registrations that remain unpaid as at 1 August of each financial year.

Pro Rata dog registration fee

Where the following applies a Pro Rata dog registration fee can be charged by discretion of a Dog Control Officer

  • Where a dog has been imported into NZ after August 2nd of the current registration year.
  • Where a dog older than 3 months has been in possession of the owner for less than 3 months within the current registration year*

*Pro Rata fee - determined by dividing the registration fee payable for a full year by 12; and multiplying that amount by the number of complete months remaining in the registration year.

The only exceptions to the flat fee are: 

  1. Guide/hearing ear dogs which are not charged a fee for registering; and
  2. Dogs classified as dangerous, which are charged an extra 50% of the normal fee.
A working/stock dog is any dog kept by any person earning their main income from sheep or cattle farming, solely or primarily for the herding or driving of stock.

You can get a rebate on fourth and subsequent working dogs. To be eligible for this rebate, Council must have on record a completed statutory declaration form(PDF, 71KB) for each dog.


Registration for the 1 July to 30 June year can be paid from 1 June. 

Penalty fees shall be charged at an additional 50% of annual dog registrations that remain unpaid as at 1 August of each year

Owners of unregistered dogs are liable for a $300 instant fine.