Rates - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rate?

A charge levied on private and business property owners or lease-holders at local government level to contribute to the funding of local government services.

How are rates set?

Rates are set by the Council through the annual plan and ten year plan processes.

Who is responsible for paying rates?

The owner of the property, not the occupier, is responsible for paying rates.

Can I find out what the rates are for a particular property?

Full records for a rating unit can be inspected by the ratepayer, a person authorised by the ratepayer, a person who has become liable to pay the rates (for example a mortgagee), a solicitor, land broker or real estate agent.

When are rates instalments due?

The first instalment is due on 15 October; second instalment on 15 February and the third instalment on 15 May.

We have changed our rates instalment dates and will be sending out the rates notices in September, January and April. This is to avoid rates bills just before Christmas. We have recalculated direct debits and written to the affected ratepayers to tell them the new payment amounts.

What happens if I am late?

A 10% penalty will be applied on the 5th business day following the above three dates on any unpaid portion of the current instalment.

What is the difference between a rates assessment and a rates invoice?

The assessment tells you how much your rates will be for the whole year. The rates invoice details the amount you are required to pay at each instalment. It is a tax invoice for GST purposes and is sent out 3 times a year

How can I pay my rates?

See our Payment Options section for more information about all the different ways you can pay.