Annual Report 2019-2020

Our Council has adopted the Annual Report for the 2019/20 financial year, closing the reporting loop on our planning and budgetary cycle.

The Annual Report focuses on what we said we would do for the year, comparing service levels and spending that were delivered to what was promised in the Annual Plan.

The final Annual Report, including the independent auditor’s report, is available here(PDF, 6MB)

  or from the right side of this page. The auditor’s report provides an opinion on the financial statements, the statement of service performance and other disclosure requirements presented in the Annual Report.


“The summer months saw the district in drought, bringing hardship for some and a boom for others as visitors again flocked to our district,” our Mayor Sandra Goudie says. “We are now living in extraordinary times due to the impact of COVID-19 and are all adapting to the changes we have to make to the way we live, work and play.”

Our response to COVID-19 initially focused on public health and welfare, providing items such as emergency food parcels to more than 6,000 people in the district and surrounding areas, in collaboration with other agencies.

Our Economic Development team focused on connecting small to medium businesses to support agencies, launched a support local campaign, held online forums to connect and support industries such as construction, hospitality and tourism.

Some highlights of 2019/20:

ActivityIcon-WaterSupply.111519.png Water Supply:

  • 10 water supply networks produce 5,923,640m3 of water a year – that’s more than enough to fill 2,369 Olympic-size swimming pools
  • Avg consumption per day per resident - 517 litres
  • 534km of water pipes – nearly the distance from Thames to Wellington
  • 19,709 water connections
  • $4.6 million spent on water treatment plant upgrades over the year to ensure compliance with current NZ Drinking Water Standards: Tairua completed, Pauanui begun. Whitianga completed in 2019. 

Solid Waste:

  • 16,481,620kg of rubbish collected and processed – equivalent to the weight of more than 200,000 people if they each weigh about 80kg

ActivityIcon-RoadsandFootpaths.111627.png Roads and Footpaths:

  • We maintain 705km of roads and footpaths – about the distance by road from Thames to Blenheim
  • We delivered $18.2 million in road maintenance and renewals with an NZTA subsidy of $10.4 million
  • Coromandel Town’s main street was upgraded to reduce the road camber, improve traffic flow, make parking easier and safer and protect building verandahs

Wharves and Boat Ramps:

  • We maintain 13 wharves and 21 boat ramps.
  • We made significant upgrades to a number of boat ramps, including Robinson Road Whitianga, Royal Billy Point Pauanui, Pleasant Point Pauanui.

Public Toilets:

  • Successful applications to the Tourism Infrastructure Fund enabled us to upgrade a number of our more than 90 public toilets (nearly twice the number Hamilton has), including Onemana, Whangapoua and Hahei.

Operationally, our Council ran a deficit of $4 million due to unbudgeted increased operating costs in solid waste and roading, combined with the impacts of COVID-19 on Council activities.