About sandbags

Sandbags, if correctly placed and stacked are useful for addressing localised flooding, for example help prevent water flowing under a garage door or diverting water away from doorways.

As a general rule, residents are responsible for providing their own sandbags in preparation for a storm event.

If a property is regularly subjected to flooding then it is the property owner's responsibility to be proactive and take such precautions to protect themselves and their property.

As an alternative solution sheets of PVC are just one practical way to waterproof around doors provided they are fixed in place adequately with solid material such as metal.

The series of weather events experienced this year have been well out of the ordinary. To support our communities prepare for Cyclone Gabrielle in excess of 10,000 Council sandbags were made available to the public. This stock has now been depleted and while we source more bags we ask residents to take responsibility and be creative, as almost any bag filled with sand could work well when needed.

Please remember - if you are in danger or your property is under immediate threat during a storm event please contact emergency services on 111.