Outdoor and rural fires can threaten native and exotic forest, scrub, peat and tussock areas, as well as the people, property, animals and plant life living on them. 

The risk of wildfire threat to housing is increasing. Factors such as climate change and denser populations living nearer to the natural environment have significantly increased this risk. 

In New Zealand, 99% of wildfires are started by people. 

What can you do to help?

  • Always have a fire permit, and check for fire bans before lighting a fire. Check the current fire season status on the Check It's Alright website.
  • Check Fire and Emergency NZ guidance if planning on lighting outdoor fires or undertaking spark and heat generating activites. 
  • Create safety zones around your house to act as a barrier against fire. Keep grass short and grow low flammability plants. Regularly clean gutters and remove leaves and twigs. 
  • Keep mufflers and spark arresters on agricultural equipment maintained.
  • Make sure your driveway clearance is at least 4 metres wide and 4 metres high to allow access for emergency vehicles. 

If in doubt - do not light a fire. 

Click here for WRC Fire Resources

Fire type fact sheet(PDF, 178KB)