Vehicle Crossing

Construction of a Vehicle Crossing

The construction and ongoing maintenance of a vehicle crossing for a private property is the responsibility of the property owner.

Council's vehicle crossing policy and specifications provides information regarding property owners' responsibilities and vehicle crossing requirements. These documents can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Normally only one vehicle access is allowed to any residential property, built in accordance with the approved Council diagrams. Care must be taken when constructing a vehicle crossing not to interfere with surface water drainage channels, ditches or swales in the road, and piped culverts or kerb crossings may be required for which the property owner will be responsible for maintaining. The levels of the crossing need to ensure that vehicles do not ground on the crossing. Where a crossing travels over a footpath the footpath will need to be rebuilt to take vehicle loadings, and the levels of the footpath should remain unaltered.

Vehicle crossing to commercial premises will be regarded as Type F (drawing 3000-7-A) unless agreed separately.

Resource consent permission for a development with a vehicle access does not create a consent for a vehicle crossing. A separate application may be required.

If you have concerns about your vehicle crossing design please contact council staff in advance so that we can advise you on issues and possible solutions.

If you plan to use a council approved contractor complete the construction of vehicle crossing by a Council authorised contractor application form(PDF, 97KB).  Please note that if you state that you will be using a Council approved contractor in your application and fail to do so then your application will be regarded as invalid, all consents revoked and any fees paid to that date will be forfeit. A new application using an unapproved contractor will be required with the appropriate fee.

If you do not plan to use a Council approved contractor, complete the construction of vehicle crossing by a contractor not authorised to work without supervision form(PDF, 90KB).

Please return completed form to one of Council's offices along with payment of the vehicle crossing application fee.