Schedule of Fees and Charges : Transfer Stations (Solid Waste Fees)

See our Refuse Bags & Recycling Bins section for rubbish bag and wheelie bin fees.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST.

Transfer Station
(Solid Waste Fees)
Units 2023/2024
Where no weighbridge available:
Un-compacted waste Per cubic metre $93.00
Compacted waste Per cubic metre $270.00
Green waste Per cubic metre $59.00
Where weighbridge available:
Waste Per tonne $284.00
Green waste Per tonne $164.00
Unofficial refuse bag - 60 Litre Per bag $5.00
Small carrier bag of rubbish Per bag $2.00
Designated recyclables Per cubic metre No charge
Tyres car - without rim* Per tyre $7.50
Tyres car - with rim* Per tyre $12.50
Tyres 4X4 - without rim* Per tyre $17.50
Tyres 4X4 - with rim* Per tyre $22.50
Tyres truck - without rim* Per tyre $20.00
Tyres truck - with rim* Per tyre $25.00
Tyres tractor* Per tyre $60.00
LPG bottles Per bottle $6.50
Car bodies - stripped** Per car $27.50
Car bodies - unstripped Per car $82.00
Whiteware Per item $11.00
*Tyres should be left whole, not cut. We can no longer accept cut tyres as the landfill no longer takes them.
**Stripped car body means windows, seats and fuel tanks are removed.


A note about Green Waste:

Our Refuse Transfer Stations do not accept fibrous plants such as flax, cabbage trees, bamboo and similar plants, as green waste. Instead, these are considered general waste and are charged as such to dispose of.