Leasing and Licences to Occupy Policy

In December 2020 Council reviewed its Leases and Licences to Occupy Policy, which sets out the high-level direction for what Council will consider when entering into a lease or licence to occupy with emergency services, community organisations, private individuals and commercial organisations for use of Council property.

Rental rates for leases and licences to occupy

The following categories for groups or organisations, and the equivalent rentals and any applicable on-charging shall apply. 

Category Type of group Rental per annum
A Emergency Services Organisations $100
B Community Organisations (1) $350
C Commercial and Private Organisations (2) Market Rental
(1) All groups under this category must be either an incorporated society, a club, or a registered charity
(2) All groups under this category will either undertake a commercial activity or use the land for the private benefit of the lessee