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How does our Council determine when a particular issue, proposal, asset, decision or activity should have community input in the form of feedback or engagement?

We’ve got our Significance and Engagement Policy to help us guide the types of engagement to support robust decision-making.

The policy provides clarity about how and when we engage with you on Council decisions. It also sets out assets that we consider are strategic.

We’ve reviewed the policy and are proposing some improvements that we want your feedback on, like how to decide an issue's importance. The draft policy (available below) includes criteria to help determine an issue’s importance. That assessment will then inform decisions about the appropriate type and form of engagement we use to obtain your views.

Feedback can be made until 4pm on Monday 23 October. Find out how to have your say below.

What are we proposing to change?

We have:

  • Included a two-step process for making decisions about the significance/importance of a proposal or issue and how we’ll engage with our community about it. First, we’ll determine its importance on a scale from low to high, using criteria set out in the policy. Second, we’ll use that assessment to inform decisions about the appropriate type and form of engagement used to obtain community views. This could range from providing information to asking for feedback to more direct collaboration with communities through to empowering our communities to make the final decision. The exact form of engagement and the resources we’ll allocate will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Listed criteria for assessing significance. For example, we’ll consider if the proposal affects any aspect of the social, economic, environmental or cultural wellbeing of a specific community or the district as a whole? Will the impact be major and long term? Will a level of service be affected? What are the financial implications?
  • Identified key strategic assets:
  1. Roading and footpath assets
  2. Water supply, wastewater, and stormwater networks
  3. Reserves
  4. Community housing (land owned by our Council where this housing is located)

We’re asking one simple question:

Do you agree with the proposed changes to the policy?

  • If no, please tell us why
  • If yes, please add any relevant comments

How to have your say (closed)

To provide feedback, you can either:

  • Provide feedback online here
  • Download the feedback form, print and fill it in, then email it to
  • Collect a printed feedback form from one of our Council libraries or Council offices in Thames, Coromandel, Whitianga or Whangamatā, fill it out and hand it in at the office or post it to Thames-Coromandel District Council, Private Bag 1001, Thames 3540.

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