Planning a Wedding on the Coromandel

This information is only applicable to wedding ceremonies. If you are hoping to hold a wedding reception on Council’s public land these are considered on a case-by-case basis.

It is your responsibility to ensure any cultural or site specific requirements are met when planning a wedding on the Coromandel.  We have many parks where certain areas are not to be accessed, or food is not permitted to be eaten while on that site.  Please check the Reserve Plan for your choice of reserve before completing the form. 

Non-exclusive site use

Council isn't responsible if someone else wants to use (or is already using) the site at the same time as you. While we do encourage people to use the scheduling system, it is a public space and other people are entitled to use the reserve at the time.

When you lodge your application, you are accepting the following terms:

  • Lodgement fee of $60 is payable.  Invoice will be emailed to the address supplied below.
  • Council cannot make any specific arrangements to prepare the site for your ceremony e.g. mowing the reserve the day before your ceremony.  All reserves are on a specific mowing and maintenance regime with our contractors.

Click Here to open the Wedding Ceremony Application Form(PDF, 71KB)

Things to know

Rubbish: You are responsible for the removal of rubbish relating to your ceremony.

Reinstatement of the site: You are responsible for reinstatement of any damage to the grounds.

Protection of trees and Council structures: Signs, banners, guy ropes etc. are not permitted to be attached to any tree or structure on the reserve.

Equipment permitted: The use of a small number of chairs and tables is permitted. The use of minor infrastructure such as tables and chairs and a 3meter by 3meter gazebo is permitted. The safety of these structures is your responsibility, and please ensure they are removed from the site immediately after the ceremony.

You are permitted to display small signs to direct guests to your ceremony but these must be self-standing and not fixed to any existing natural or manmade structure. Any signs, furniture or decorations must be removed from the ceremony location upon your departure.

Amplified sound and vehicles: If you are intending to use low level background music and a microphone for your wedding ceremony, please make sure the speakers are facing away from neighbouring properties and businesses. If you are on the beach the speakers should point towards the ocean.

Public parking areas must remain available to the public and cannot be reserved exclusively for your guests. Vehicle access is not permitted onto the reserves for weddings so all access must be on foot for the bridal party and guests.

Alcohol at your wedding ceremony: Various locations within Thames Coromandel are designated as being alcohol-free. This means that alcohol can't be carried or consumed at these locations and heavy penalties are in place for those found not abiding by this. 

Reserves that need special care: Certain sites are significant cultural and archaeological areas, and ground disturbance cannot occur due to archaeological features, e.g. this means that pegs can't be used for a gazebo.