Event resources: Getting Started

So, you're looking to plan an event on the Coromandel? Here are some handy resources to help you get started.

You will need to apply to use any public reserve and be warned – in summer our reserves get busy with event bookings. There are also regulations that you may not have considered so be sure to talk to us for advice. It doesn’t have to be daunting - we will help you.

Who can help?

For any event advice, get in touch with Kirstin Scarrott, our District Events Coordinator.

Email: Kirstin.scarrott@tcdc.govt.nz 
Mobile: 027 201 7918 or;
Phone: 07 8672074

Event Funding and Sponsorship

The Council supports events through dedicated event sponsorship programmes - find out more about these contestable funds in the links below.

Sustainable Events and Greening Your Event

A truly sustainable event is one in which carbon emissions are calculated and sustainability advisors are available to help. More information is available through the Ministry for the Environment which produced a Major Event Greening Guide and Greener Events Guide.

Regardless of how far you decide to go, you should still recycle and reduce your water use and promote a greener event with your team.

Here are some focus areas;

  • Energy
  • Water (amusement operators using water should arrange their own source)
  • Landfill Waste (how can you reduce this?)
  • Recycling & Composting (there are professionals that can arrange this)
  • Transport
  • Materials & Publications
  • Suppliers & Catering
  • Environmental Attitudes (have you promoted greening your event with your team?)

Road Closures or Temporary Traffic Management

Does your event need permission to temporarily close a road or part of a road? A temporary road closure is approval from the Council for a road to be closed to traffic and/or pedestrians at a specified location for a specified period.  It ensures that you can complete your work or hold your event to the standards prescribed by the Local Government Act 1974 and 2002 and/or Transport Regulations 1965. You must obtain consent for a temporary road closure:

  • If a road or part of a road needs to be closed for an event; or
  • If works need to be carried out on or under the road.

Find more information about this here.