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The entire complex can be booked, or just the auditorium or conference room or kitchen.

The first step is to complete an application form to advise us of your requirements i.e. the setup of tables, chairs, tiered seating, catering, sound, lighting, portable staging, liquor licence, piano etc. Charges apply from the time a hirer comes in, this includes caterers' preparation. An Application Form must be completed by the hirer who will be paying the account, or the booking may be cancelled. All details of activity must be clearly stated. The Council reserves the right to accept or decline any booking.

The hirer shall not be allowed to sublet without consent of Council. NZ Fire Service, Police, and authorised officers of  Council shall have access at all times during your tenancy. An estimate will be generated upon receipt of application form. In the case of new clients from out of town, hireage must be paid prior to the event.

Download application form(s) from this web page and bring them in so we can talk about your requirements.

Hirer's Guide


Theft and Security

Council will not be responsible for loss of money, goods or property occasioned through theft, accident, or failure of the lighting or power. Security is the sole responsibility of the hirer.



Bond is determined by Council and can be up to $500.00. This is stated on your Estimate, and will be required 30 days prior, to secure your booking. Note: Setting up and clearing away is the hirer’s responsibility and expense, however the centre can supply labour for an additional charge. Find out more about the charges here and download our 2023-24 Schedule of Fees and Charges.



If you require the bollard to be removed for the duration of your hireage please advise Customer Services at the time of your booking.



Cancellation by the Hirer:

Ten days notice of cancellation is required to ensure a full refund.

Cancellation by Council:

Three weeks notice is the minimum requirement to cancel a booking. In the event of a civil emergency, TCDC shall be entitled to terminate the hireage. All reasonable measures will be taken to consider the hirer, but no claim shall be made against TCDC for any loss suffered by the hirer.


Smoking, Smoke and Haze Machines

Smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

We do not allow the use of smoke machines as they will activate the fire alarms and the hirer will be liable for the cost of the alarm reset.

Haze machines are allowable but they have the potential to set the fire alarms off in which case the hirer would be liable for the cost of the alarm reset.


Private Equipment

Private equipment should be covered by your own insurance; if not, any damage or loss of goods, cash and personal belongings is the responsibility of the hirer.

The hirer shall be liable for damage done to property through the act of the hirer, their employees or their patrons. Costs will be deducted from the bond or added to their invoice. All chairs, tables and other equipment brought into the centre from outside must be suitably protected to prevent damage to the floor and carpeted areas. NB: Heavy items are not to be dragged across the floors under any circumstances. 

The hirer shall be responsible for the behaviour of patrons inside or within the vicinity of the centre and its environs. No sleeping or camping is allowed without the express permission of Council.



When using a ladder in the centre, for health and safety purposes, two people are to be in attendance at all times. To be used at hirer's own risk.


Hours of Use

The centre is to be cleaned and cleared of guests by the specified times noted below:

  • Sunday - Thursday: 12 midnight
  • Friday and Saturday: 2am


Foyer Toilets

Please be aware that during the time of your booking the foyer toilets may be made available to the public at times of high demand for the external public toilets, such as bus arrivals.



Non-marking soft-soled white shoes must be worn for sporting activities in the auditorium. Stiletto shoes are not allowed on the auditorium floor.

Dance floor powder is not allowed.



The kitchen has three ovens (oven trays not supplied), two zips, a pie warmer, dishwasher (instructions are on the wall – must be turned off after use), and a refrigerator (this is to be left on at all times). A limited number of glasses, water jugs and small plates are also available.

Please ensure your outside caterers return cups and dishwasher racks etc. or you will be charged their replacement value.



Due to rubbish collection restrictions, it is the hirer’s responsibility to remove their own rubbish.



A cupboard in the kitchen holds the public cleaning gear - mops, brooms, etc. Please ensure tables are wiped after use or a cleaning charge will apply. Please note: A vacuum cleaner is stored in the kitchen for your use. If the hirer's area of the centre is left in an untidy manner, an additional charge will be levied. Please see our section on Schedule of Fees and Charges for more information. 

If you require an extra cleaning service, please enquire on application and the cost will be added to your estimate.


Noise Control

The hirer will be held responsible for the level of noise created by or for the persons using the centre or its environs.

It is an offence under Section 326 of the Resource Management Act 1991 to create excessive noise that unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort and convenience of any person.


Lighting, Sound and Stage Curtains

Please ask us about your technical requirements for lighting, sound and stage curtain requirements.

During your booking please do not touch any of the existing lighting or sound equipment as this is a health and safety issue.  If you require changes to the set up during your booking please contact Customer Services.

Existing facilities available for use are:

Complex: Two portable powered speakers can be used in the Conference Room, as monitors on the Auditorium stage or in the Foyer/Outside as a separate sound system.
Foyer/Outside: Speakers operable with a switch on the amplifier in the Sound Room.
Conference:  Ceiling speakers and two input microphones.
Auditorium: Sound room with mixing desk and mounted speakers.  The mixing desk has a USB input and sound-effect processing which allows use as a front-of-house system.


Sales/Supply of Liquor

a) It is the Hirer's responsibility to check current guidelines and information about liquor licensing. The Hirer will comply with all alcohol requirements, restrictions, or guidelines.

b) Thames-Coromandel District Council reserves the right to not accept any booking with alcohol.

c) Hirer must comply with the below host responsibilities:

  1. The main user on the booking is nominated to manage the conduct of the consumption of alcohol.
  2. The hirer shall have available for consumption on the premises, at all times when alcohol is being consumed, a reasonable range of non-alcoholic refreshments and low alcoholic beverages and food appropriate to the occasion.
  3. Drinking water is to be freely available.
  4. The hirer must ensure that minors do not consume alcohol.

d) Hirer must identify at least one responsible adult for every 50 attendees.

e) Hirer must supply a copy of their own photo ID and photo ID for each responsible adult (passport or NZ drivers license)

f) No alcohol can be taken outside the venue when the venue is within a liquor ban area. It is the hirers responsibility to know if the hired venue is situated in a liquor ban area.




Fire Safety

For functions up to 300 people, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure one to two fire attendants are designated for fire safety and evacuation. These people are to be noted on our Estimate.

For functions up to 500 people, it is required by law that three fire wardens be in attendance.  

Fire escape exits, are not to be obstructed in any way to allow unrestricted exit during an evacuation. Emergency info is provided throughout the complex.



Kitchen facilities are available on site. Basic Tea, Coffee and water service available on application at an additional charge. Please see our section on Schedule of Fees and Charges for more information



2 x portable screens, whiteboard (1.6m X 1.2m), and data projector are available (included in hireage), 3 x corded microphones and 1 cordless microphone.


Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi is available to hirers of the centre. The password will be supplied on commencement of your booking.


Centre Capacity


  • Size
    29.5m X 14.5m
  • Capacity
    400 persons - show (theatre style)

    180 persons - seated event (dining style)

  • Stage
    7.6m X 13.8m

Conference Room

  • Size
    13.8m X 11.7m

  • Capacity
    140 persons - theatre style event

     70 persons  - conference style event - 11 tables (approx), 6 per table

Trestle Tables

  • Size
    1.8m X .75cm (blue trestles - 20)
  • Size
    1.5m X .6cm (brown tables - 10)

Portable Staging

  • Stage Pieces
    1.8m X .9cm (per platform top)
  • Height
    Can be assembled up to 3 tiers high. (up to height of .8m)


  • 242 inside chairs, approx 40 outside chairs.





To attach signs please use bluetack; please do not use cellotape, pins or staples. Please open and close the curtains using the drawstrings. No staples or brown plastic tape is to be used on the floors. Velcro can be used on the carpeted walls to display things – money will be deducted from your bond or charged to your invoice if paint is stripped from using tape.

Please ensure that:
  • Chairs stacked (in sets of 5) and neatly stored in the chair storage areas.
  • Trestles are to be wiped clean before storing.
  • Rubbish is removed.
  • Complex to be swept and/or wet mopped
  • Kitchen crockery to be washed, dried and put away.
  • Exterior ashtrays are to be emptied.
  • Hazards are to be removed, particularly in the fire exits, and all steps must be taken to ensure the health and safety of all involved in your event.
  • Tiered seating and portable staging are not to be tampered with.
  • The piano is not to be shifted without seeking Council approval first.

Please note: An hourly rate will be charged for any cleaning requirements over and above normal. This rate is outlined in our current Schedule of Fees and Charges.



The Centre has a new U1 upright piano.
A charge applies.  Please see our Schedule of Fees and Charges for more information.


Centre Management

Thames-Coromandel District Council
515 Mackay Street

Phone: 07 868 0200 
Fax: 07 868 0234











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