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Please be patient, allow extra time for your journey, drive to the conditions and follow directions on signs and from our traffic management crews. We want everyone to get where they're going safely.

We've had reports of people moving signs and taking traffic management into their own hands. Please leave it to our roading contractors. If you spot any issues on roads report them to 0800 Highways (for State Highways) or our Council's call centre for local roads on 07 868 0200.  

The latest on our local Council roads

Colville Road ongoing repairs

Colville Rd RP 15 (3).jpg

Our Council continues to carry out several repair projects in close proximity on Colville Rd. This will cause some disruption with rolling road closures and stop/go traffic light restrictions in place. We apologise for any inconvenience, but the work is necessary to repair storm and cyclone damage from 2023.

We recommend planning ahead to ensure the least amount of disruption to your journey.

Full details of works, locations and closures are provided below, under the expandable blue tab called Northern Coromandel Rd repairs - Colville Rd & Kennedy Bay Rd. We've provided contact information for the relevant contractors but if you have concerns at any point, please contact the customer service team on 07 868 0200, or email

Update: 05-07-2024

Two sites on Colville Road at 15.07km and 15.90km remain open while the two sites located 16.175km and 17.38km have now been completed.  

Please expect delays of 10 minutes at the remaining two sites going forward from today under a stop/go operation.

This will be the expected delay until the works have been completed. 

Colville Rd all repair sites.png

Slip repairs, Kennedy Bay Rd 5.84km

Slip repairs will get underway on Monday 8 July and are expected to finish Friday 2 August 2024 at Kennedy Bay Rd, located at 5.8 kilometres from Driving Creek Rd (see location below).  A retaining wall will be installed alongside the road edge previously damaged by storm events.

During the workday, Monday to Friday, the road will be open for 10 minutes on the hour, every hour between 7:00am and 5:00pm, to allow traffic through.

During the intervening 50 minutes of each hour, the road will be closed to allow construction machinery to carry out specialist works on the narrow section of road where the retaining wall is to be built. 

The road will remain open every weekend from 5:00pm Friday to 7:10am Monday.

Temporary Road closure signage detailing the above will be installed on Driving Creek Rd (near start), Kennedy Bay Rd (near Moana Cres) and the Waikawau/Port Charles Rd intersection.

Access through the site for school buses and emergency services will be available.

Kennedy Bay Rd Monday 8 July.png

Priority sites for repair: Northern Coromandel | The 309 | State Highways (Waka Kotahi NZTA)

  • Work continues around the district to address damage to more than 70 sites identified as requiring repairs.
  • The majority of damage is clustered around the roads north of Coromandel Town where access is already difficult.
  • As far as possible, we'll be making every effort to keep roads open as we carry out repairs.
  • Click here to read our FAQs on road repairs after storms.

Northern Coromandel repairs - Colville Rd & Kennedy Bay Rd

Colville Rd RP 15.07km (location below)

Colville Rd RP 15.7km.png

  • Resealing work is being done.
  • Project is underway and expected to be completed mid-July (weather allowing).
  • Pole installation is complete and backfill works are nearing completion.
  • Specific opening times are in place to allow delivery vehicles through the construction site, outside of the road opening times.
  • Contact is Brendan Curgenven 027 753 7726 from Nick Pemberton Construction Ltd.

Project will have the following road closures:

  • 7am to 8am - road closed | 8am to 8.30am - road open
  • 8.30am to 12.309pm - road closed | 12.30pm to 1pm - road open
  • 1pm to 3.30pm - road closed | 3.30pm to 4pm - road open
  • 4pm to 5pm - road closed | After 5pm through to 7am the next morning - road open

We recommend planning your travels in advance to minimise any disruption. 

Colville Rd RP 16.175km (location below)

Colville Rd 16.175km.png

  • Works are being carried out 1.1km east of the Colville Rd/Waitete Bay Rd intersection, to restore the road to two full lanes.
  • Project is underway and expected to be completed late June (weather allowing).
  • Pole installation is complete and pavement works are ongoing.
  • Project will have a one-lane closure for the duration of the work. Traffic lights will be used for the one-lane closure.
  • Contact is Brendan Curgenven 027 753 7726 from Nick Pemberton Construction Ltd

Colville Rd RP 4.799km

  • Draft drawings are complete.
  • Tender is closed and evaluation is underway.
  • Works will roll over into July 2024.

Colville Rd RP 7.951km

  • Project has been awarded to Kelsey Construction Ltd.
  • Earthworks and pole installation have begun.
  • Expected to be complete by end of July (weather allowing).

Colville Rd RP 11.1km

  • Design is being finalised and contract documents are being prepared.
  • The project will be tendered via the prequal in mid-July.

Kennedy Bay Rd RP 5.144km

  • Drawings are complete.
  • Contract documents are being finalised.
  • Construction will have an impact on traffic flow due to the narrow road width.
  • Works will be tendered via GETS after Colville Rd RP 4.799km tender closes.

Kennedy Bay Rd RP 5.840km

Kennedy Bay Rd location map May 2024.png

  • Site 5.84km from the end of Driving Creek Rd to repair slip damage. Works will be delayed at Kennedy Bay Rd RP 5.840 until works on Colville Rd RP 15.070km have been completed. This is to avoid having rolling road closures on the alternative detour route at the same time. The same crew will move here. Work is expected to start in early July, but this is dependent on progress at Colville Rd RP 15.07km. As at the other sites, work will take place Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm, with traffic management in place including speed restrictions. Expect 15-minute delays during work hours. However, due to complexities at this site, additional delays may be required. We'll send out updates.
  • Nicholls and Uttinger Civil Ltd have been awarded the contract. 

Tentative Local Works Programme 24/25


Construction Completion

The 309 Rd 3.166

June 30th

Colville Rd 16.175

June 30th

Colville Rd 15.070

June 30th

Colville Rd 4.799

October 31st

Colville Rd 7.951

July 31st

Kennedy Bay Rd 5.144

October 31st

Kennedy Bay Rd 5.840

June 30th

Kennedy Bay Rd 7.346

June 30th

Kennedy Bay Rd 0.55

October 30th

Port Charles Rd 9.127

June 30th

Port Charles Rd 10.620

November 30th

Wharf Rd Colville RP 1.58

On Hold

Port Jackson Rd RP 22.02

September 30th

Woodroffe Rd 0.133

September 30th

The 309 Rd RP 14.140

November 30th

Colville Rd 11.1

October 30th

Colville Rd 24.930

April 2025

Port Charles Rd 15.320

November 30th

Port Charles Rd 15.474

November 30th

Port Jackson Road 18.8

November 30th

Hot Water Beach Rd 7.205

Feb 2025

Neavesville Rd 4.999

November 30th

Neavesville Rd 4.950

November 30th

Neavesville Rd 5.400

November 30th

Wharf Rd 1.635

September 30th

Wharf Rd 1.986

September 30th

Colville Rd 25.9

March 2025

Rangihau Road 4.982

March 2025

Port Jackson Rd 7.480

March 2025

Port Jackson Rd 18.300

March 2025

Port Jackson Rd 22.020

March 2025

Purangi Road 11.108

March 2025

Bluff Rd 1.066

May 2025

Bluff Rd 1.321

May 2025

State highway maintenance and recovery work (Waka Kotahi NZTA)

The next months will see Waka Kotahi NZTA's contractors undertaking chip sealing and asphalt surfacing across the Waikato, alongside the larger infrastructure projects. This contributes to improving the condition of the state highway network, resulting in smoother journeys for all.

Work has been planned to minimise delays, but given the volume of work, there are some sections of the network where people may experience some sort of disruption. It’s important to factor in extra time to your journey, to ensure you arrive on time to your destination.

The Waka Kotahi Journey Planner ( is the best place for information on the status of the state highway network. With live updates on worksites and other road hazards, Journey Planner can help road users plot the best route to their destination.


unnamed (1).jpg

You can view the Waka Kotahi 2023/2024 road works season here.

State Highway Status

State Highways are controlled by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. Check their website for State Highway status updates. 

With work still underway at multiple sites along SH25, it's important that motorists drive to the conditions.

To keep contractors and road users safe, signage is in place to give advance warning of worksites and potential hazards such as slippery or uneven surfaces. Please follow any temporary speed restrictions and reduce your speed as you approach these sites.

Check Waka Kotahi's website or Facebook page for the latest updates.

The latest from Waka Kotahi NZTA

  For the latest updates on SH25/25A Thames-Coromandel projects, check here.

SH25 Recovery works progress - Ruamahunga

Recovery work at the large slip-site at Ruamahunga is nearing completion. While there are still some minor finishing touches to be done, the major work of clearing debris, and installing soil nails and mesh netting is now largely complete.

Contractors are also continuing to clear debris from a new slip, including large tree roots, after a large tree fell 30 metres down the bank during recent high winds. The existing stop/go has been extended to incorporate this new slip location. 

Once work at both sites is completed the road through this area, which has operated as a single lane since October 2023, will be restored to two lanes.

Click here to read more

See any road safety issues?

If you see anything on our local roads, let us know on 07 868 0200 or email For State Highways, contact 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49).

We will keep you informed here and on our Facebook page of any road closures. For State Highways under Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency's control, keep an eye on their website.
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