Wharves and Jetties

Our facilities are maintained and managed to provide for a range of recreational and commercial uses. Examples of these are recreational boat servicing, scenic and charter boat operations and commercial fishing/harvesting. 

Many harbour control and administration functions that were previously undertaken by us are now undertaken by the Waikato Regional Council; particularly activities below the Mean High Water Mark (e.g. harbour administration, mooring permits, etc). 

Land Information New Zealand also has some harbour control and administration functions under the Marine and Coastal Activities Act 2011. 

Please note: Whangapoua Wharf has been partially closed temporarily from Tuesday 23 May 2023 for safety reasons after issues were discovered during a structural inspection. Repairs are expected to take place in September / October 2023.

Conditions of Use 

Please enjoy and respect our environment and maritime facilities. 

  • Parts of our wharves are for commercial activities - please do not impede operations. 

  • Fishing is permitted provided you pull in your line when vessels approach.  

  • No littering or dumping including fish frames; this attracts predators.  

  • Swimming is permitted at Whitianga Wharf and Whangamatā Wharf.  

  • Rubbish skips (if present) are for commercial paying users only. 

  • Parking on wharves is for loading and unloading only. 

  • Maximum weight limits may apply. 

  • Authorised refuellers only. 

Health & Safety 

Please be aware of: 

  • People and obstacles before pulling up to or away from a wharf / jetty. 

  • Power leads; these must have a current 'test and tag' label visible. 

  • Moving vehicles and vessels. 

  • Trip hazards. 


Surveillance cameras at our maritime facilities are operating for your safety and your security. 

Maritime Facilities Bylaw  

Approval is required and fees applicable for: 

  • All commercial activities including tour boats, charters and commercial vessels. 

  • Events and competitions. 

  • Advertising signage (including one-off events). 

  • Refuelling. 

  • Storage of goods, equipment or vehicles. 

  • Berthing longer than 30 minutes or overnight berthing. 

  • Vessel maintenance works. 

If you are a frequent, or even a one-off user of our maritime facilities, please refer to our bylaws page here for more information. 

Fees and Using our Facilities 

Please contact our customer services to discuss using our wharves. 

Maintenance Facilities 

  • Sugarloaf Maintenance grid at Te Kouma Rd is available for hire on a short-term basis for a daily fee. Please contact the Wharf Warden, Cliff Newton, on 021 2934086 to make a booking 

Wharf Locations

Our wharves are situated at the following locations:


Boat Ramps  Location
Sugarloaf (Te Kōuma) Ramps  Te Kouma Road, Te Kouma
Port Charles Wharf Port Charles Whard Road, Port Charles
Hannaford's Jetty Te Kouma Road, Te Kouma
 Coromandel Wharf Long Bay Road, Coromandel

Mercury Bay

Boat Ramps Location
Ferry Landing Wharf Purangi Road, Ferry Landing
Whitianga Wharf The Esplanade, Whitianga
Hei Esplanade Jetty Hei Esplanade, Whitianga
Matarangi Jetty Kenwood Drive, Matarangi
 Whangapoua Wharf Whangapoua Road, Whangapoua


Boat Ramps Location
Tairua Wharf Wharf Road, Tairua
Paku Jetty The Esplanade, Tairua
Royal Billy Jetty Vista Paku, Pauanui
Pāuanui Waterways Public Jetty Waterways Parade, Pauanui