Permanent Drop-off Facilities

Council provide permanent drop-off facilities outside four of our Rubbish and Recycling Transfer Stations listed below.  The permanent drop-off facilities cater for bagged household rubbish (at a cost), and also clean recycling at no charge – this includes glass bottles and jars, cardboard and paper, tins and cans, and plastics 1,2 and 5.

The four Rubbish and Recycling Transfer Stations with permanent drop-off facilities are:

  • Matarangi RTS - 101 Matarangi Drive, Matarangi
  • Tairua RTS - 3 Red Bridge Road, Tairua
  • Pāuanui RTS - 887 Hikuai Settlement Road, Pāuanui
  • Whangamatā RTS - 2755 SH25 Waihī-Whangamatā, Whangamatā.

Rubbish in our Council's old pre-paid blue bags and recycling can be deposited for free at one of our Refuse and Recycling Transfer Stations, or use our portable compactors at a charge of $2 a bag.