Swimming and Spa Pools

We are all responsible to protect our young children from accidental drowning in residential swimming pools. Regulations are in place to ensure we all do our part.

Barriers for residential pools must restrict access by unsupervised children under the age of five years. This requirement applies for the life of the pool (except when the pool is empty). All residential pool barriers must meet the requirements of the Building Act 2004.

Our Council is responsible for ensuring residential pools are inspected every three years to check whether they continue to comply with the Building Act. An inspection may occur at any time if we receive a complaint regarding fencing, whether or not a periodic inspection is due for that pool.

Building consent for pool barriers

While some swimming pools with less than 35,000 litres water capacity may now be exempted from the requirements of a Building Consent, all pool fencing must only be installed under an approved Building Consent.

Visit the MBIE website for more information on exempt building work



The Building Act 2004 places a requirement on Councils to ensure that all residential pool barriers are inspected at least once every three years to determine whether the pool barriers remain compliant. This means that an inspection is required even if your pool barrier has previously been inspected and was deemed to be compliant in the past.  

To cover the cost of this inspection requirement a fee is charged at the time of the inspection.

You can choose to have your pool inspection carried out by either the Council or an Independently Qualified Pool Inspector.

Pool register

We keep a register of all pools in our jurisdiction. If you need to advise of a pool being added to or removed from your property, or if you want to check if your pool is on our register, get in contact with us.

Pool barriers

If your pool has a maximum depth of water of 400mm or more, and is normally used or intended to be used for swimming, paddling, or bathing etc., then it must have a compliant pool barrier. This includes temporary or portable pools which are only erected during summer months.

You can also find useful information on pool barriers here(PDF, 367KB).


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