Draft Biking Strategy for Hauraki-Coromandel

Our Council has been inviting feedback and discussion on a draft Biking Strategy that has been created to improve mountain biking experiences (and cycling) and drive tourism to the Coromandel. Our community survey is now closed. If you have questions on this project or would like to stay updated on the survey findings, please contact customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz

The draft Biking Strategy has been developed by our regional destination management organisation, Destination Hauraki-Coromandel, to understand how mountain biking (and cycling) experiences in the Coromandel can be improved and developed.  

In a report recently commissioned by our Council about mountain biking in Coromandel forests - it was found that if mountain biking holiday makers followed a similar pattern to the present day, the increase in spend could increase up to nearly ten per cent - to $9.2 million in the next four years. You can find this report linked in the sidebar. 

The draft Strategy has a vision of creating a regionally significant, collaborative, sustainable cycling destination. It provides a set of ideas and actions to increase the amount of off-road cycling opportunities in our region. It aims to drive collaboration to achieve the following vision:  

"The Coromandel is explored more sustainably by connecting communities and showcasing our environment to become a nationally significant mountain bike destination by 2032. Collaboratively, our goal is to create a world-class trail network and experience that preserves and enhances the environment for our residents, visitors and all who experience them.”  

The draft Strategy presents a broad vision, rather than outlining specific areas of development. Before we begin planning next steps, we have been gathering feedback from locals and community board members on: 

· the vision and key goals of the Strategy; 
· any specific outcomes or concerns related to specific areas of our region; 
· whether you would like to be involved in giving further feedback or future projects. 

Click here to view the draft Strategy(PDF, 6MB)

If you have questions about the draft Strategy, please contact us.