District Plan

The District Plan controls the way land is used and subdivided in the District and what natural and cultural features should be protected.

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About the District Plan

We are operating under two District Plans - the Operative in part District Plan (2024) and the Operative District Plan (2010). The Operative in part District Plan (2024) has sections subject to appeal and these are highlighted in red text in the Plan. This is to indicate that the Operative District Plan (2010) rules may still apply and, in this instance, please contact Customer Service 07 868 0200 for further guidance.


The District Plan Portal houses the following tools that will help you access and navigate the District Plans:


An electronic version of both the Operative District Plan (2010) and the Operative in part District Plan (2024) which are searchable and printable.  Click here to go to "The Plans".

Line of Enquiry

An easy step-by-step process, Line of Enquiry searches the Operative in part District Plan (2024) using a property address or a zone as a starting point. The relevant "rules" are then extracted and provided in a printable document, e.g. rules for building a house, subdividing a property or rules that apply to a zone or overlay. Line of Enquiry also shows the Planning Maps for the selected property generated in SMART MAPS.  Click here to search on a Property or Zone.


SMART Maps is TCDC's web mapping application that allows you to explore a collection of focused maps (3Waters, Community, Property, Planning, Civil Defence) that contain a wealth of spatial data.  Click here to access SMART Maps

District Plan Review Timeline    

 The links in the timeline will take you to information and documents relevant to each stage of the review. 

Current Phase Without prejudice meetings, Environment Court assisted mediations and hearings
Current Annotated Version Operative in part District Plan (2024)
June 2018 s293 consultation - CEL & NCO publicly notified
June 2018 Variation 2 - Whitianga Airfield Decision notified
August 2017 Variation 2 - Whitianga Airfield publicly notified
July 2016 Proposed District Plan Appeals Version released
June 2016 Appeals Closed
April 2016 Council's decisions on submissions publicly notified
January 2016 Further submission period on Variation 1 closed
December 2015 Submissions on Variation 1 closed
November 2015 Variation 1 - Natural Character publicly notified
March 2015 Natural Character provisions withdrawn
September 2014 Hearings started
May 2014 Further Submissions closed
March 2014 Submission period closed
December 2013 Proposed District Plan publicly notified
January 2013 Comments closed on Draft District Plan
October 2012 Draft District Plan released for comment
April 2012 Operative District Plan sealed