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Published on 13 October 2023


The latest from Mayor Len 

We had a Long Term Plan (LTP) workshop with our elected members on Tuesday, where they had the opportunity to begin considering the proposed capital works projects to be included in our 2024-2034 LTP, along with the review of the Council’s Infrastructure Strategy, which is one of the important policy documents that support the LTP.

It’s all well and good that we’re having these important discussions, but we know we need to hear from our valued residents and ratepayers about what they consider to be the most important themes for our district over the next ten years. So we’re kicking things off with some informal drop-in sessions in your neighbourhoods.

This is a chance for you to really let us know what you believe should be the focus. It will also give us a chance to share what projects and works we consider to be vital for our district. We’ll take in your valuable feedback and apply it ahead of formal consultation with our communities next year.  

If you’d like to come along, find a drop-in session here, or at the table below.

It is important to note that we have been building our LTP in quite an uncertain environment and on the back of a very tough year for our district.

The coming election will hopefully provide some clarity around several of the critical pathway choices facing all councils in the immediate future, including Three Waters and RMA reform. So, I’d like to really encourage everyone in our district to get out there and vote in the current election.

You’ve got until 7pm on Saturday 14 October to vote. Check out this map to find the nearest polling station to you. 

Drop-in timetable
If you’d like to come along, find a drop-in session in your area below.





Thursday 26 October 2pm-3.30pm

Coromandel Boardroom


Thursday 26 October 5pm-6.30pm

Tairua Library


Saturday 28 October 10am-11.30am

Thames Market


Saturday 28 October 10am-11.30am

Whangamatā Boardroom


Saturday 28 October 2pm-3.30pm

Mercury Bay Community Boardroom

Find out where to vote

Voting in this year's General Election is open until 7pm on Election Day, tomorrow, Saturday 14 October. 

Click here to find your nearest local voting place, including accessibility information.

See the key information you need to vote.

You can enrol, check or update your details at any voting place when you go to vote. You can vote at any voting place in the country. 

For more information about enrolling and voting visit vote.nz, or free call 0800 36 76 56.


Public meeting: Responding to sea level rise in Moanataiari

public meeting october.png

Our Council and the Moanataiari Residents Committee are working together to help decide on future improvements to the community’s seawall, and other community responses to sea level rise.

You're invited to a public meeting on Monday 30 October, 5.15pm–7pm at the Thames on Kirkwood, 100 Kirkwood Street.

Every five years, we get the performance of the existing walls reviewed by consultants (Tonkin + Taylor). They have recently confirmed that the wall is still providing the design level of protection (50-year). The proposed options are largely to address the anticipated impacts of sea level rise. Successive storms, flooding, maintenance issues and predicted sea level rise in our area have made it clear that Moanataiari needs a sustainable pathway for the future.

The recently adopted Shoreline Management Pathways project included the assessment of our entire coastline and outlined a plan of action over the short to long term for each community. In Moanataiari, this included in the short term a recommendation for improvements to the existing sea wall. The community has now elected a Residents Committee to work with TCDC and engineers Tonkin and Taylor to coordinate wider input and agreement on next steps.

Click here to read more information about the meeting.

Improvements to the sea wall are part of the adaptation pathway for Moanataiari that resulted from the Shoreline Management project. There are two issues to be managed – the height of the tide relative to the sea wall and then the waves on top of the tide. We are now considering two options for upgrading the wall – one provides more protection from just storm waves, the other provides more protection from both storm tides and storm waves. The tide levels shown are for a big, low probability storm like the 2018 storm (about a 1 percent chance of happening in any given year). For even bigger storms, the tide levels would be higher again.

There is an ongoing and separate issue in Moanataiari with drainage and stormwater management systems, which may exacerbate the impacts of significant weather events and rain storms. These systems are managed through Council’s Three Waters team. Our Council will provide an update to maintenance activities and schedules at the meeting.

When: 30 October at 5.15pm–7.00pm
Where: The Thames on Kirkwood, 100 Kirkwood St

If you have any questions for our Council in advance of the meeting, please email ourcoast@tcdc.govt.nz.

Copy of EM Update 22 Sept (1000 × 300px) (2).png

This week's Road to Recovery update includes:

Project updates

Tairua Skate Park


Great progress has been made on Tairua Skatepark in the past two weeks.

The site has been cleared of topsoil and major earthworks have been completed allowing skatepark foundations to commence. The first section of footpath from Hornsea road has been poured.

Drainage works in the tennis court area have been completed, but fencing will remain in the tennis court area for the next week to allow grass to strike. Access to the tennis courts will remain from Hornsea road until the end of this year. Access to the cricket nets will remain open.

Progress over the next two weeks will be less visible but just as important with focus on bending reinforcing for the skatepark retaining wall foundations. Visit tcdc.govt.nz/tairuaskatepark

Kōpū Marine and Business Precinct progress 

Kōpū latest wk of 9 Oct 23 (1).JPG

Calliope Barge is hard at work on the installation of the commercial wharf piles. A further eight piles have been pitched and will be ready to be poured next week. 

The recreational boat ramp has been completed with only the floating pontoons left to be installed. These will be installed towards the end of the project in autumn 2024 to protect them from wear and damage. 

The cofferdam is about 85% complete and should be ready for de-watering after Labour Weekend. 

Below, you can watch Thames-Coromandel District Councillor Peter Revell give an update on the precinct.

Updates on the project will be posted to tcdc.govt.nz/kopu 

Coromandel Town landmark turns 150 

150th Commemoration story for November.jpg

The Coromandel-Colville Community Board invites you to celebrate the 150th year of the Council building at 355 Kapanga Road, on Tuesday 14 November, at 12pm. 

The Colonial classic, with its timber framing, brick chimneys and corrugated iron roofing, was built back in 1873, and is a well-known local landmark in the town’s commercial area.

The building has architectural significance as a rare surviving example of a Provincial Government office building and courthouse, and has served as a seat of government, both local and central, for most of its 150 years.  

The West Wing was lengthened in 1896, and a lean-to added at the rear of the west end in 1945. Our Council took over the building from the Coromandel County Council in 1982 and refurbished it in 2005. 

If you would like to join us on Tuesday 14 November at 12pm, please RSVP to coromandel150@tcdc.govt.nz 

Mercury Bay Community Board: Site visits and tour

2023-10-13 13_52_13-63cfac3b-6bf0-45d1-9707-e0a367c7c632.jfif ‎- Photos.png

Last week the Mercury Bay Community Board, as part of their community networking, visited the new Kaimarama Cemetery to see how work is progressing.

This was followed by a cultural site tour around Whitianga with Ngāti Hei guide Shelley Balsom. This ended at Wharekaho, the site of Tuia 250, before kai and kōrero with Ngāti Hei kaumātua Joe Davis.

The Board also visited Council reserves in Whitianga to understand current leases, obligations and future opportunities.

Our next round of Community Board meetings starts on Monday October 16. Visit tcdc.govt.nz/meetings for details on your local ward.

Community wellbeing a top priority for Colville Project


Last Friday Mayor Len, Councillor John Morrissey, Coromandel-Coville Community Board Chair Gavin Jeffcoat and Council staff met with The Colville Project team to discuss the Trust’s plans to develop wellbeing, education, youth and housing facilities for the communities of Upper Northern Coromandel. 

Stage one of the project will be an eco-friendly, purpose-built Wellbeing and Education Centre to house local health professionals, the community centre, an op shop and a range of community services. Three later stages will see recreational facilities and skills training for the area’s youth developed alongside a range of housing options to support wider community needs. 

“It’s great to see plans taking shape to expand essential services and promote social connections for these more isolated communities,” says District Councillor John Morrissey. “Supporting community wellbeing is an essential part of the recovery process, and we’ll be working with the Trust to help provide guidance and support as plans progress.” 

The Colville Project Trust purchased 35 hectares in 2022 for the Wellbeing and Education Centre and is now fundraising and working with architects and consultants to move the Centre ahead. 

Find out more at thecolvilleproject.nz.

October rates instalment

Rates October (1800 x 1800 px).png Rates are what keeps the Coromandel operating – they pay for most of the facilities and services that we provide on behalf of the district.
The next rate instalment is due on Monday 16 October. Penalties will be applied from Tuesday October 24. 
If you have questions, contact our customer services team on customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz or 07 868 0200.

When should we be talking to you?

Significance and Engagement Policy Consult - WEB.jpg

How does our Council determine when a particular issue, proposal, asset, decision or activity should have community input in the form of feedback or engagement? 

Our Significance and Engagement Policy helps us guide the appropriate types of community engagement to support robust decision-making. It sets out how and when we engage with you on Council decisions, and also lists our key strategic assets.  We’ve reviewed the policy and are proposing some improvements that we’d like your feedback on, including the process of deciding how important an issue is. 

Our public feedback is open until 23 October, and we’d like to hear what you think. We’re asking one simple question – and we look forward to hearing your submissions.  

To read more about the changes we're proposing, and to make your submission, visit tcdc.govt.nz/significance 

Opportunities at our Council

 HIRING PARKS IG.pngWe have a range of job opportunities available. At our Council, we ensure work-life balance is not just a dream but a reality.

We also offer an array of staff benefits, including flexible work arrangements, relocation allowance, free parking, sick leave on commencement of employment and more.

Job opportunities currently advertised are:

Temporary Accounts Payable Officer
Kaitīheru - Support to the Kaihautū –Tikanga Navigation
Economic Development Advisor
Technical Support Officer – Information Technology
Water Services Operations Lead
Utilities Engineer – 3 Waters

Click here for more information or to apply.

Adoptable dog (2).png

Chilled puppy

This 8-month-old male puppy is very quiet and chilled that loves playing with people or sleeping beside you.

He also loves cuddles once he gets to know you.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please contact us on 07 868 0200. Once your interest is known, a Dog Control Officer will be in contact with you to discuss the adoption and carry out the appropriate checks; this may include a visit to your property. Visit tcdc.govt.nz/dogs

We also send this update as an email each Friday. To receive it, visit www.tcdc.govt.nz/subscribe

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