Schedule of Fees and Charges : Dog Control

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST. 

Dogs Units 2023/2024
All dogs except guide dogs and dangerous dogs Per dog $85.00
Working farm dogs in excess of three registered to the same owner. (For the first three working dogs, standard dog fees apply, for the fourth and additional dogs, there is no charge. A statutory declaration must be provided with application). Per dog No charge
Dangerous dogs. Per dog $127.50
Guide dogs. Per dog No charge
Penalty fees shall be charged at an additional 50% of annual dog registrations that remain unpaid as at 1 August of each financial year.
Pro Rata dog registration fee

Where the following applies a Pro Rata dog registration fee can be charged by discretion of a Dog Control Officer

  • Where a dog has been imported into NZ after August 2nd of the current registration year.
  • Where a dog older than 3 months has been in possession of the owner for less than 3 months within the current registration year*

*Pro Rata fee - determined by dividing the registration fee payable for a full year by 12; and multiplying that amount by the number of complete months remaining in the registration year.