Tairua-Pāuanui (South Eastern Ward)

Tairua-Pāuanui is part of the South Eastern Ward and is an area populated by many permanent residents and out-of-district ratepayers.

Tairua-Pāuanui Ward_MAP.jpg

Tairua-Pāuanui (South Eastern Ward) Key Contacts

Eileen Hopping - South Eastern Area Manager

The job of the Area Manager is to bridge the gap between our Council and the community. You can contact the Area Manager with any matter relating to your ward, dealing with our Council, funding opportunities and more.

07 865 0060
E-mail: Eileen.Hopping@tcdc.govt.nz
Visit: Whangamatā Service Centre, 620 Port Rd, Whangamatā

Tairua-Pāuanui Community Board

The Tairua-Pāuanui Community Boards represents this community. They conduct an official meeting six-weekly which includes a public forum.

Click here to view meeting agendas and recordings