Learn to Swim

Swimming is a lifelong skill that opens up a world of incredible experiences.

Babies and pre-schoolers

Through our ‘Swim Cool Swim School’ we encourage babies and children to develop and enjoy vital skills while becoming confident, capable and safer in the aquatic environment.

Lessons are available for babies from age six months to five years. Our coaches use a range of techniques to engage and teach babies and pre-schoolers. (Lessons last for 20 minutes). A parent/guardian is required to be in the pool during the lesson.

School-age children

Our ‘Learn to Swim’ courses are available to children aged five years and older. The courses take your child through every step of the process. We cater for all ages with lessons including private one-on-one lessons for adults of all abilities from beginner to competitive.

Lesson requirements

  • Please ensure your child arrives in plenty of time for their lesson. Late arrivals cause disruption for the class.
  • Firm fitting swimwear, goggles and caps are to be worn during lessons. (Goggles and caps can be purchased from the kiosk if required).
  • Please do not let children swim before their lesson as concentration is more difficult when tired.
  • After lessons, please make sure your child is supervised if having a swim.
  • Please let the teachers know of any health problems or disabilities (such as hearing problems) before the lessons begin.
  • Assessment time arranged, usually week 8 of the term.
  • Payment of lessons in full before first lesson
  • Lessons held during school terms (school age levels)

We do not give credits for missed lessons (under special circumstances a credit may be given for the next term - broken limbs, serious illness, etc.)

*Please note: No lessons are held on public holidays.

All Learn to Swim enquiries email:  learntoswim@tcdc.govt.nz


Learn to Swim Stages

Pipi (25 min)

  • Safe entry
  • Submerge and float
  • Back and front float aided
  • Kick with noodle back and front


Eels (25 min)

  • Streamline gliding unaided
  • Floating on back unaided
  • Streamline kicking 5m
  • Kicking on back 5m
  • Rotations 5m front to back


Octopus (25 min)

  • Freestyle arm strokes 6 full arms
  • Backstroke arms 8m
  • Rotations front to back
  • Freestyle kick on side 5m
  • Intro to breathing concept


Snapper (25 min)

  • Freestyle breathing unaided 3 complete cycles
  • Backstroke arms 12m
  • Underwater swim 5m
  • 12m freestyle holding form
  • Rotation  drills front to back
  • Forward rolls start tumble turns


Kingfish (25 min)

  • Freestyle breathing 25m
  • Backstroke arms 25m
  • Breaststroke arms and legs
  • Underwater swim 10m
  • Butterfly kick