Road Reinstatement

Temporary Reinstatements

Temporary Reinstalments are undertaken when required by a person undertaking work within the road reserve for construction purposes or programming. They are acceptable where the persons work programme would require multiple reinstatements over a large area where permanent reinstatements cannot immediately be undertaken, or where the correct materials are not available for permanent reinstatement.

Temporary reinstalments are to be regarded as sacrificial with the expectation that they will be replaced with permanent reinstalments within 90 days. Temporary reinstatements are not to be used as a method for vehicle traffic to compact the reinstatement subbase or basal layers.

Permanent Reinstatements

Permanent reinstatements are undertaken as the final reinstalment of the road pavement / footpath or verge, with the intention to return the area to its original condition or better.

They will match the existing construction thicknesses of the area excavated and meet national standards for materials used and works specification. The permanent reinstatement will match the appearance of the surrounding area.

For chip sealed areas the surface permanent reinstatement is expected to be a minimum two coat chip seal to match the existing surface.

For asphalt areas the surface reinstatement is expected to have a single coat water proofing seal coat over the granular basal layers and an asphalt surface course. The joints for the asphalt surface course will be stepped 100mm off from the edge of the reinstatement into undisturbed material and will be saw cut and bitumen sealed along the vertical edges.

Road Safety and Ride Quality

All reinstatements (temporary or permanent) are expected to meet normal requirements for ride quality that would be applied to finished road construction. Any reinstatement that does not meet these criteria is deemed to have failed and will be repaired by the applicant within 28 days of notice by the RCA unless the reinstalment is considered to be unsafe. In this case it will be repaired by the RCA (see Emergency Repairs below).

Maintenance Period

All reinstatements will be subject to a twelve month maintenance period following notification to the RCA that the reinstalment has been completed. The person undertaking the reinstatement will be responsible for its condition during that period.

Emergency Repairs

If emergency repairs are needed to maintain road safety due to the deterioration of the reinstatement, then these will be undertaken by Council and all costs involved recharged to the applicant. In this event the reinstatement will become a permanent reinstalment and Council will take on responsibility from that time.