Slips and road closures to continue as stormy weather subsides

Published on 01 February 2023

Thornton Bay slip.png

Photo: Thornton Bay slip

The storm is starting to clear and we expect an update from MetService/Te Ratonga Tirorangi shortly to lift the RED warning.

This morning a slip at Thornton Bay saw police evacuate residents from three properties as a precaution while it is further assessed. Roading crews are also on site should the slip continue down to the State Highway.

The Coromandel has had 1.5 metres of rain so far this year, a figure we would normally get to by June/July. Land instability was the key concern identified when the RED Heavy Rain warning was issued on Tuesday. As a result, we expect slips, both around the roading network and on property, to continue for some weeks to come. Civil Defence asks everyone living on hillsides to regularly check their properties for cracks and for indications such as doors not opening properly or decks moving underfoot. These could be triggers that the land is unstable and actions need to be taken.

“We have a long way to go this summer with even more ex-tropical storms possible before calmer weather returns,” says our Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler. “It is unknown territory for all of us, so expect the unexpected, stay vigilant and be proactive if you notice anything.”

Department of Conservation huts and campsites across the Coromandel Peninsula have been closed to visitors 


Our roading network remains compromised – below is an update on the State Highways and our local roads. This information could change subject to weather conditions, so stay in touch with our Facebook page and MetService/Te Ratonga Tirorangi website for the latest updates. If you see any slips or safety issues on our local roads or footpaths, please let us know straightaway on 07 868 0200 or email

For State Highways, keep an eye on Waka Kotahi’s website and contact 0800 4 HIGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49) for updates or to report any issues.


State Highway – Waka Kotahi/NZTA

  • SH25A Kōpu-Hikuai is closed until further notice due to an extensive drop out

SH25 Hikuai to Tairua is still passable but the water is rising and the highway may need to be closed.


  • Hikuai Settlement Rd to Pāuanui - closed due to flooding.
  • Te Kouma Road – closed due to two fallen trees and four slips
  • Colville Road - closed due to a slip between Oamaru and Amodeo bay
  • Neavesville Road - closed (road is Impassable at the 4km mark). It will remain closed for the foreseeable future
  • Port Jackson Rd – closed
  • Tapu Coroglen is closed and impassable for the foreseeable future. Location is 10km from Tapu.
  • The 309 Road – closed (open to one lane but only for residents and emergency services)


  • Kennedy Bay Road
  • Tuateawa Road
  • Port Charles Road
  • Black Jack Road
  • Waiomu Valley Road – Flooding at the ford
  • Victoria Street, Tararu

Please take extra care on our roads even after the heavy rain warning is over.


  • Kapowai Road
  • Hot Water Beach Road
  • The 309 Road
  • Tapu Coroglen Road
  • Kennedy Bay Road
  • Port Jackson Rd
  • Neavesville Road
  • Black Jack Road


  • These have been cancelled today (Wednesday 1 February) for the third day in a row due to further rain overnight and hazardous road conditions, making it unsafe for our contractors. This affects today’s scheduled collections for Whangamatā, Pāuanui, Onemana and Ōpoutere, Coromandel Town and Te Kouma.
  • At this stage, the collection for Thames and surrounds will continue as planned, but with the dynamic conditions we are facing, this is still dependent on weather conditions.
  • There will not be any catchup services for any materials not collected today. Please refer to our summer schedule for when the contractor is next due in your area and stay up to date with the latest on our Kerbside website page.
  • All our Refuse Transfer Stations are currently open or due to open, but as we need to keep our contractors and customers safe, this could change subject to the weather. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Refuse Transfer Station website page for any changes to RTS openings.


  • Council staff have noted that the ponding at the Golf Course and localised streets around this area is due to the sheer volume of water, as well as the elevated ground water table from the recent weather events. The elevated ground water levels will recede once the weather improves.
  • The pond overflow weir at Williamson Park is lower than the areas along the network that are struggling with flooding/ponding. Therefore, lowering the weir is unlikely to alleviate the flooding/ponding issues currently being experienced.
  • Resources are stretched across our district at this time, however, our Council has installed a temporary pump at Williamson Park as a trial to support the draining of water from the Pond.

Most importantly, check MetService for weather updates, follow our Council Facebook page for updates on Council roads and Waka Kotahi for State Highways.

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