Mayors Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ)

What is the MTFJ?

The Mayors Taskforce For Jobs (MTFJ) is a nationwide network of New Zealand’s Mayors, working together towards the vision of all young people under 25 being engaged in appropriate education, training, work or other positive activity in their communities.

MTFJ runs advocacy projects and aims to partner with best-practice organisations to promote the economic well-being of young people.

The MTFJ is governed by the Core Group which includes 17 Mayors from throughout the country, and is Chaired by Mayor Max Baxter of Otorohanga Council. The work set by the Core Group is executed by the Taskforce Coordinator.

The Core Group meet quarterly to discuss the strategy and operational works of the Taskforce, as well as holding an Annual General Meeting at the LGNZ conference.

Latest updates

Our Council partners with Ngāti Maru to support local rangatihi


We’ve partnered with Valley Education (VETEL) and Training and Ngāti Maru ki Hauraki to deliver the next stage in a successful youth employment scheme.

The initial pilot programme was funded last year by The Mayor’s Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ). The MTFJ is a nationwide network of mayors that are working on the issues of work and livelihood in their communities. It focuses on youth employment and engagement in local communities.

Under the leadership of Ngāti Maru ki Hauraki, the scheme supported 16 young people into employment across the Coromandel.

Additional funding has been approved to continue the programme, and our Council is aiming for over 40 placements in the coming year.

It will draw on the expertise of Valley Education and Training which has extensive experience preparing young people with work-ready skills, industry training and employment opportunities. The scheme will also continue to partner with Ngāti Maru ki Hauraki.

"Both partners already have a deep understanding of our rangatahi and what support they need to achieve success in our local business sector,” says our Mayor Len Salt.

“We’re really excited about the by locals, for locals’ approach.”

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